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Mason settling into new position - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Mason settling into new position

“I didn’t come here to fix things because there was nothing to fix,” said Rod Mason, recently of his move from Chambersburg, PA. late last summer to the position of new executive director of Swiss Village Retirement Community. “My predecessors and their boards did a good job to establish what goes on here,” said Mason. “Every day I think what an honor it is to be here. I admire much what Daryl (Martin, predecessor) did. He has been my mentor over the years as many years as we’ve worked together on national committees.” Mason referred to the local area as a, “bread basket of good morals, integrity and high ethics. “These qualities are very important to me,” Mason said. “It’s not something that has to be worked on. It’s already innate here.” Referring to himself as “Nick the new guy” and his family as “Pennsylvania newbies,” Mason said that his biggest concern in the move was the well-being and adjustment of their daughter, Olivia. But it didn’t take long for M... Read More >