“Incredible” and “Awesome” said over 2,000 attending Swiss Clock Tower dedication on Saturday evening

Authored by Jim Langham on Aug 2, 2010
“Incredible” and “Awesome” said over 2,000 attending Swiss Clock Tower dedication on Saturday evening  Laser lights beamed upon clock

Mary Jo Roth (Nussbaum) graduated from Adams Central High School and haad grown up on a farm northwest of Berne. Her father was a farmer and her mother sewed cover for local upholsterers. For a good part of her life, she and her husband, Roland, have lived in the Angola area and been active in church work there.
Saturday, the Roths decided to return to Berne for the Swiss Clock Tower dedication.
“This is just incredible,” said Mary Jo. “This is my first experience of seeing this in person. I’ve been looking at it on the Internet, but there’s no way to describe what it really looks like in person.
“I keep wondering what my parents and relatives would think,” continued Roth. “My grandma lived just across the intersection from here. If she were alive now, she would look over here and see the clock. I saw it first four miles out of town on U.S. 27. I said, ‘oh my, there it is’.”
“No matter where you go across the United States, you meet people from Berne,” said Roland Roth. “When you are here and see something like this, it is so inspiring.”
“This evening is a moment to remember,” said John Kirchhofer. “As I look at this vast crowd and the enthusiasm about this clock tower, I can’t help but think that this will be a major landmark for the entire state of Indiana.”
“I think of all of the hours and hours that went into this. There were a lot of questions if it would happen. We believed it would happen and we see the reality of it tonight,” commented Floyd Liechty.
Liechty said that he is amazed at the number of people from out of town who had driven to Berne for the dedication. He noted that just under one third of the people at the ceremony were from out of town.
Wayne Dubach, a member of the Edelweiss Singers, who performed at the foundation of the tower, said there was no way to describe the feeling of singing by such a historical representation of his family roots.
“This is a big thing; we get to sing for it,” said Dubach. “It feels good. This is something that the city of Berne can be proud of. I’m Swiss, this is about my heritage. I enjoy yodeling in the Edelweiss Singers.”
Adams County Economic Development director Larry Macklin said that the community of Berne had done a favor for the business climate of the entire county by constructing such a huge undertaking with private financing.
“This is absolutely awesome. To raise these funds privately by such a huge effort during this time is unbelievable,” said Macklin. “Any investment like this in tourism is going to benefit all of the communities around the investing community, and in our case, the whole county.”
“This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen here,” said Fred Davidson. “It’s a wonderful thing for this community for people to enjoy for generations to come.”
State Representative Matt Lehman said that he considered the entire evening to be very humbling, a humility that was brought about by the hard work of many people in his state representative district.
“This isn’t my seat; I fill it. It belongs to the people of this area and I am very proud of what they have done here,” said Lehman. “What a great example of community vision. Just to be a part of this is very humbling.”
Ron Sprunger, son of the late well-known Berne designer Roger Lee Sprunger, said that he had no question about what is father would think of the Swiss Clock Tower.
“He would say that the design is awesome, that is a beautiful design,” said Sprunger. “It makes you proud to grow up in a community that realizes the value of its heritage like this.”

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