$95,000 and counting in Relay for Life efforts

Posted on Jun 24, 2013

Adams County Relay for Life chairman Jeannie Adkinson announced late Sunday morning that local efforts have raised $95,072.12 so far in their effort to top the $100,000 goal for this year’s campaign.
At least two other events will fit into this year’s donation to the American Cancer Society effort. On July 31, there will be an “Elvis Concert,” and on Aug. 10, there will be a kickball tournament.
Adkinson said that the kickball event has a history of producing over $5,000 in donations each year while the concert is a new event.
“We can still collect money until Aug. 31,” said Adkinson. “Any teams can still turn in money or anyone wishing to give a private donation may do so until that date.
“We still think we can make our goal ($110,000),” said Adkinson. “Adams County, you guys rock.”
Adkinson said that going into the Relay, teams and organizers had raised $66,785, meaning that nearly $30,000 was raised at the Relay alone.
Adkinson noted that she is stepping down at the end of this year, noting that she has been involved in committee work and leadership for the past nine years. Once again businessman Steve Christner has consented to step into the leadership role.
“Like anyone else, I need hope,” said Adkinson. “I’ve had several people close to me suffer cancer over the past few years. Relay for life is a hope through all of this. Someday, we pray that there will be a cure for this awful illness.”
Adkinson noted that one of the virtues of Relay is the creativity of teams and individuals who prepare for the special day.
Riddle Ride, a Harley ride that incorporated nearly 50 cycles, rode through Monroe, Ossian, Bluffton, Decatur and Berne en route to raising over $1,000. Riders ranged from locally to West Virginia.
“This is our second year doing this,” said Jason Banner, one of the organizers of the event.
“This is a good thing, meeting people and promoting this on behalf of the Adams County Relay,” said Banner. “Everyone was so good and responsive.”
Adkinson noted that one individual, Tyler Affolder, had walked 133 laps on his own free will.
Jenny Dubach, of Jenny’s Salon, packed up her shop and took it to the Adams Central track where she set it up for the afternoon on Saturday to help raise funds.
During that time, Dubach gave haircuts, styles, updates and color with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.
“I really like being involved with the community,” said Dubach. “We’ve had a lot of business. One young person (Sidney Farmer) donated hair to the Locks of Love effort.”
At the Sunday morning Service of Hope, Rev. Jay Carter told those present that this was all about the adversity of life because of cancer.
“This is a terrible thing, but we keep on loving life, but with hope, it will keep getting better,” said Carter. “The adversity of what we go through is rough, but we keep moving forward. That is where the hope is.
“When you face life adversities you know that you are always going to get through them. You just keep on walking until you get through it,” continued Carter.


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