Area youth creates income to help those in need

Authored by Jim Langham on Apr 26, 2010

Twelve-year-old Autumn Boots, of rural Berne, has always had a very caring heart for those about her. It’s not unusual for her to stop in an area business and pray with someone with need, if it is identified to her.
Then, as tragedies such as the Haitian earthquake and areas of poverty have been called to her attention, she has become more convinced than ever that she wants to do her part to assist with the needs.
It all started when Boots, the daughter of Pastor Dave and Dawn Boots, senior pastor at Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene, attended a home schooling co-op, White River Christian Education Ministries. There she was taught to develop a personal business, to keep track of finances, and to market her products.
With the assistance of her mother, Boots decided to develop crafts such as hair bows, pins, notebooks, jewelry boxes, and bookmarks. Over a two-semester period, she developed the knack for promoting sales to the extent that she sold her crafts at various places, including Alpine Rose Coffee Shop in Berne.
For Mother’s Day this year, she is working on packaging a Mother’s Day packet to area churches that plan to distribute her crafts to mothers.
“It doesn’t cost much, it’s inexpensive, but it’s a thoughtful little gift,” said Boots’ mother, Dawn. “It keeps her busy right now.”
Boots noted that the co-op teaches many classes to start preparing children for the business world, including baby sitting, bicycle business, note card business, trash pickup, and various other enterprises. She noted that in many cases, students create their own business and product.
As Boots’ business started to succeed, tenants of her Christian faith made her realize that she should be giving back some of what she was making. It was then that she became acquainted with Compassionate Ministries, and a young girl, Abby, from Africa.
“Our youth group was sending towards her and I wanted to do my share, so I decided to donate 10 percent of my income toward her. I felt like God was asking me to do that,” said Boots.
In addition, Boots has also been involved in efforts to create more water wells in Africa and to send money to earthquake victims in Haiti.
When she’s not involved in home schooling or her business, Boots also enjoys acting in plays and musicals, participating in a puppet team, and playing the piano.
In a “safe sitters class,” Boots learned how to do CPR, the Heimlich exercise, and other ways to help children if they are sick or injured. She was also instructed in how to know when it’s the right time to call the emergency room.
Boots’ sense of caring has her thinking about going into nursing once her schooling is completed.
“I want to be a nurse because when people are hurting, I want to reach out to them and help them through their pain and suffering,” observed Boots. “I want them to know that God is with them in everything they do. I want Him to work through me to reach out to them.
“I love animals and I love people,” continued Boots. “I want to take advantage of every opportunity that God gives me to help. I like taking care of people. If my brothers get hurt, I bandage it up and take care of them.”
Boots expressed some of her volunteer spirit by assisting at a local veterinary clinic. There, she had the chance to care for dogs with need. She also witnessed several surgeries of hurting animals.
“I feel blessed because the Lord has given me talent to use for Jesus and tell about Him,” said Boots. “I pray for people all of the time. When I meet someone I love to talk to, and if they need prayer, I just pray for them.
“I met a girl at the Farmer’s Market that needed help,” continued Boots. “She told me that her mother had just passed away. It was very sad, I prayed for he

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