Bank of Geneva donates scoreboard to Harry Anderson Field

Authored by Manda J. Arnold on Oct 13, 2010

Athletic Director Mike Pries announced at the school board meeting Tuesday evening that the Bank of Geneva has made a donation in the amount of $18,369 to South Adams Schools for the purchasing of a new scoreboard for the Harry Anderson Field. The scoreboard is a Daktronics board and will match most of the boards already in use at the school. It is scheduled to be delivered November 11.
“The new scoreboard will be an inning-by-inning board and will be one of the nicer ones in the area,” said Pries.
The old baseball scoreboard will replace the scoreboard at the softball field. It is approximately three times as large as the current softball scoreboard.
On Tuesday, the footers were poured for the new backstop on the baseball field according to Dave Vorhees, Director of Building and Maintenance who was present to update the school board on the building upgrades and maintenance. Vorhees was also given permission to hire Rik Farlow of Taylor-Made Exteriors to brick the backstop.
In other maintenance news, the extension of the playground drain is set to begin. A trench will be dug extending the drain to the manhole at the edge of the school property.
“It will be messy for this winter, but it will be messier if we don’t,” explained Vorhees.
Acting-Superintendent Scott Litwiller reported that the South Adams School Corporation received word that it has made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for the 2010 school year as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. To demonstrate AYP, schools and school corporations must meet the set percentage targets of students passing the ISTEP test. The South Adams Elementary and Middle School each made AYP, however the high school did not due to its graduation rate. South Adams High School had a target goal of 87.4 percent but only reached 83.7 percent in 2009. Litwiller stated that he and high school principal Trent Lehman have had several conversations on how to improve the graduation rate at South Adams.
Another area in need of improvement is the special education sub-group for the elementary school. It did not make the target; however the group had 10 percent fewer “Did Not Pass” on ISTEP in 2010 than 2009, which qualifies for safe harbor. Even with these areas of concern, the school corporation as a whole was given a passing grade.
Litwiller also stated that he has spoken with the city of Berne regarding the roads on the south and the west sides of the school. Mayor John Minch informed Litwiller that the city plans to apply for a grant after the first of the year to widen Village Way from Parkway St. to CR 700S. The city has applied for this grant in the past and was denied but hopes that having the school on the road will improve their chances of receiving the necessary funds. In regards to the road to the south, there are no plans at the present to repave or widen CR 700S due to lack of funding in the county budget. Commissioner Doug Bauman and Highway Superintendent Mark Mitchel did agree to some minimal cost interventions, such as adding school zone signs and posting a 45 mph speed limit sign. Bauman is also looking into double striping the county road from US 27 to Village Way and making it a no passing zone.
There have been no major problems up to this point. In the past year, there have only been two minor accidents, and one incident involving the school crossing guard. The incident involving the crossing guard prompted the guard to be given a flashing stop sign and for reflective cones to be placed on the road making the guard more noticeable.
“We just want to make sure we keep people safe,” explained Litwiller.
In personnel news, the school board unanimously passed the motion accepting the recommendation of Pries for the hiring of the coaches for the winter athletic season, as well as the certified athletic trainer and the cheerleading coach who are continuations from the fall athletic season. The coaches include boys basketball head coach Ryan Biegel, girls basketball head coach Brandon Bradley, wrestling head coach Eric Myers, and swimming and diving head coach Janelle Gresla. The certified athletic trainer is Becky Werst, and the cheerleading coaches include Tanya Fox, Carmen Puterbaugh, and Lisa Rich.
Finally, the school board unanimously voted to re-appoint Carolyn Fletcher and Julia Reef to the Berne Public Library Board of Trustees. Both appointees are currently serving on the board and have consented to another four-year term when their current terms expire on October 30.


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