Beitler passionate about good health and high quality living

Authored by Jim Langham on Apr 23, 2010

South Adams senior leader Allison Beitler is very passionate about the things that mean the most to her in life - her family, her faith in God, good health, and quality living.
Beitler’s passion for good quality living for others has spilled over to her goal for a life profession; she aspires attending Goshen College to prepare to be a nurse. But her determination and concern for others has already evidenced itself at South Adams High School this year where she has actively filled out her appointment as a student athlete role model for the Substance Abuse Awareness Council (SAAC).
“I know that kids are struggling out there with drugs and alcohol; we all struggle with different things,” said Beitler. “There are some struggles that we didn’t bring on ourselves, but there are also some things that we don’t have to do. Many of us have chosen to dare to be different.
“I feel like my calling in life is that of reaching out to people; I feel like that is what God wants me to do,” continued Beitler. “It’s not easy for any of us. I really care about people; I want to reach out to them and do all that I can for them.”
Beitler is a multi-sport athlete, but she was chosen as the South Adams student role model on the basis of her involvement with swimming. She started swimming in the eighth grade and she has been in swimming every year since then.
“It (swimming) is a lot of work,” said Beitler. “The thing I love about it the most is involvement with the team. It’s the team part that’s the most fun.”
In addition, Beitler also enjoys running in track and cross country. In track this year, she is involved in the 800 and 1600 meter runs and the 4x8 relay team.
“I started running in the eighth grade,” said Beitler. “I’ve always really liked running.”
Beitler said that she joined up with the local SAAC group because she wanted to share her talents in being a good student and good person. Overall, she feels that every student should strive to be the best person possible.
In addition to one on one friendship and leadership to younger students, Beitler is also involved with presentations encouraging kids not to drink, smoke or do drugs.
“There’s no room in our lives for alcohol and drugs,” said Beitler. “It makes no sense why you would want to hurt your future by doing these things. Kids need to know how much they can hurt their bodies and their careers by doing such things.
“We need to utilize our energy by being active in things like sports or other activities,” continued Beitler. “You need to be passionate in something positive in order to avoid temptation. In order to be successful in life, we can’t be in a position to worry about addiction drugs and alcohol.”
Beitler noted that she was very flattered when she was asked to serve as the South Adams representative as a student role model. She said that one of the “weirdest” things about it all is seeing her name on posters promoting the cause.
“I want to do all that I can to set an example for younger kids,” Beitler said. “Kids can be successful and cool without doing drugs and alcohol. They don’t have to get into that kind of stuff.
“It’s all about choices, making good choices,” said Beitler.
Beitler said that she sensed the tug toward nursing through her love and understanding of the health occupation class.
“I love thinking about going into nursing,” said Beitler. “It’s a great occupation. I love being a part of something that helps the community and helps children. Working with people is fun. I’ve learned to develop leadership and be more assertive. If we help one kid decide not to do drugs or alcohol, it’s worth all of the effort.”

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