Beitler tells graduation crowd that it's time to move on

Authored by Jim Langham on Jun 7, 2010

South Adams High School valedictorian Allison Beitler told classmates and those in the audience at the 44th annual graduation on Sunday afternoon that it was nice to be together, but now it's time to move on.
"It's time to move on and enjoy the road where God wants us," said Beitler. "We'll travel different directions; we'll take what we've learned here and take it to the new roads. Sometimes roads are not always straight and smooth.
"Life can have plenty of ups and down, just like roads, and sometimes there are detours," continued Beitler. "All of these things shape our lives. Certain obstacles may slow us down or turn us around at time. It's up to us to correct our paths and press on."
Eighty-six students marched down the aisle at 2 p.m. on Sunday as the high school band played, "Pomp and Circumstances." In a little over 45 minutes, tassels were turned, hats were tossed, and this year's graduating class was heading into a new world with new challenges and goals.
Following an invocation by Alyssa Sharp, high school principal Trent Lehman referred to those who had made the graduation successful, including the band and choir, teachers, administrators, parents, and family members.
"Thank you for making our job, as well as those of teachers and administrators, easier to work with," said Lehman. "You will represent the South Adams Schools, community and families, and your class as you go out to make a positive mark in life."
Lehman told students that the natural tendency is to take the path of least resistance. That path, however, said Lehman, may not always be the correct way.
"The path of least resistance may not get you to where you want to go. You have to work hard to get there," said Lehman.
Lehman said that quite often it is still best to take the road less traveled, referring to the famous poem.
"The right attitude is very important," observed Lehman. "You decide your attitude, not your circumstances."
Beitler and Keri Sank were this year's valedictorian and salutatorian respectably.
Class officers included: Brooks LeFever, president; Rachel Fahl, vice president; Grace Dobler, secretary, and Alyssa Sharp, treasurer. Lana Sharp and Doug Beall were the class sponsors.
The class flower was a white rose tipped in yellow and the class colors were black and gold.
In addition to Beitler and Sank, those graduating with special recognized honors include: Braden Baer, Grace Dobler, Matthew Fox, Samuel Heckard, Rosa Hilty, Jacob Smith, and Jansen Yoder.
The high school band and choirs performed a special rendition of, "You'll Never Walk Alone."
Sank referred to the saying that the best years of life are those spent in high school.
The salutatorian noted that high school meant different things to different people, including those in sports, those in vocational studies, those in music, and those who enjoyed other specialized worlds of school.
"Now we must move forward," said Sank. "Some of us will continue our education in colleges and universities. Others will graduate and join the work force.
"Hopefully, we will all do something that we enjoy. We will enter a new chapter of our lives and make new friends, but the memories of our high school days and the friends from high school will never be forgotten."
Grace Dobler pronounced the benediction and band members played, "Fanfare and Recessional" as the graduated class marched out.

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