Berne man attacked by wolf

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 9, 2012

A wolf attacked Grant Moser, a business teacher at South Adams High School, on Thursday while he was cleaning up storm damage in his yard. The wolf, Moser said, belonged to a neighbor and had sprung loose from the confinement two properties away.
"Our neighbor two houses over has a wolf and husky," said Moser. "He keeps them tied up. The husky has gotten away two or three times. One time the wolf came over and we went inside and watched it.
"I was out picking up sticks from the storm and I saw the wolf come jogging over with its chain," continued Moser. "I told my wife to go inside. I reached down to pick up a stick and the wolf grabbed my arm. It started jumping at my face. I hit it to protect myself and it grabbed at my leg."
Moser said that his father-in-law, Matt Miller, was present with him at the time. When Moser grabbed the wolf to attempt to pin it down, his father-in-law grabbed its chain.
“I held him on to it and my father-in law tied it down,” said Moser.
Adams County officials were called and the wolf was taken to the county animal shelter.
Officer Eric Beer noted in the official report of the official Indiana Bites Report from the Indiana State Department of Health reported that the animal was quarantined at the Adams County Shelter.
The report stated that Moser, who lives along County Road 000, located a mile south of town, was picking up sticks in the yard when the wolf approached and attacked him.
"The victim had several bites," stated the report.
The official report listed the owner as Tim Wilkins, located at 6780 CR 000, of Berne.
Beer stated in the report that Wilkins was not at home at the time of the bite, but in a phone conversation, Wilkins had advised him to quarantine the animal and then have it put to sleep.
Moser went to Adams Memorial Hospital where his wounds were bandaged and he received a tetanus shot. He noted that he is to have a follow-up visit in 10 days.
"I know that the owner really loves those animals," said Moser. "I'm fine if he keeps it. I'll put up a fence or whatever I have to do to help. I'm going to be fine."


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