Berne soldier killed in Afghanistan

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 16, 2012
Berne soldier killed in AfghanistanNick Taylor

Word has been received that Nick Taylor, son of Berne police chief Tim Taylor and his wife Stephania, was killed in Afghanistan earlier today. Taylor, a member of the U.S. Army National Guard, was a 2010 graduate of South Adams High School where he was an outstanding athlete and highly respected student.
Details of the tragedy are still pending.
Nathan Wynn, who is a friend of Nick's brother, Drew, and lives in the neighborhood, said that Taylor was looked up to by friends and neighbors for his decision to serve the country.
"I was with the wrestling coach when I found this out and I was just shocked," said Wynn.
Defensive coach Rod Mosser said that Taylor came back last fall to help with coaching while he was waiting to go into basic training.
"He was a great leader with a lot of integrity; that's probably why he went into the military," said Mosser.
Head football coach Jason Arnold said that Taylor had received several offers to play college football, but opted to go into the military instead.
"He was a great small town all-American kid," said Arnold. "Everybody looked up to him."
News of Taylor's death reached town about noon and left many of the residents quiet and stunned.
Taylor, who was active in First Missionary Church, had been respected for his stand for his faith, said coach Jeff Lehman.
In the meantime, many prayer vigils formed and individuals prayed for comfort for the Taylor family.

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