Boys and girls club executive director Howell resigns for new post

Authored by Jim Langham on Oct 6, 2010

Adams County Boys and Girls Club executive director Michael Howell announced on Tuesday that he is resigning his post, effective Nov. 2. Howell will be assuming the responsibility of executive director of the Huntington County Community Foundation.
Howell, who originally came from Huntington County, called the move a “tough call to make,” but noted that he is returning to his home area where he can be closer to his parents and family.
“It is the only offer that would have gotten me away from what I’m doing now,” said Howell. “I have really enjoyed the relationships that I’ve built in Adams County and in the Berne area. This past year I served on the Swiss Days committee. It was real eye opener to see what all goes on behind the scenes.”
Last summer and this fall, Howell has been giving leadership in the renovation of the new location of the South Adams Boys and Girls Club on East Main Street in Berne. He noted that it is difficult for him to leave that project behind, but he also expressed total confidence in the executive board and staff members’ ability to continue on with the project.
“This all came about when I went to Huntington for visitation for a loved one who had passed away,” explained Howell. “Someone pulled me off to the side and said that they didn’t know if I would be interested, but the foundation position was going to open up.
“I thought about it and prayed about it and submitted an application. They called me for an interview and I was offered the job,” noted Howell. “This is the only thing I would have left the clubs for. It’s where I grew up; my grandfather had been the mayor when I was younger. I guess you might say that I’ve gone full circle. Individuals will benefit from the work done through the foundation long after I’m gone.”
Howell said one of the most difficult things for him to give up is the interaction he has enjoyed with the area youth. He has also enjoyed serving on various committees and organizations in the area.
He is currently a member of the Substance Abuse Awareness Council, serves on the board of the Adams-Wells Crisis Center and he serves on the advisory committee of healthy families. In addition, he is currently the president of the Decatur Rotary Club.
“I’ve had a great staff and board to work with here,” emphasized Howell. “I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They are great to work with and they really care about the young people in our county. I wish them the best; I know that things will continue to go well under their guidance and work.”
Howell was employed by the Adams County Boys and Girls Club on Jan. 3, 2007. Prior to coming to the local area, he was employed as executive director of the club in Amelia Island, Fla.
Armanda Turney, president of the local executive board said that Howell had done much to lead the local organization forward over the past three years.
“He devoted the past three years to the clubs of Adams County. We’re going to miss him. Without his service, the clubs wouldn’t be where they are today,” said Turney.
“We’re going to start searching for a new director during the interim period,” continued Turney. “The Boys and Girls Club of Adams County will continue to provide total service to the children of our county under the direction of the board of directors and our current staff.”


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