Compassionate Ministries moves to forefront downtown

Authored by Jim Langham on Feb 18, 2013

Compassionate Ministries Network, Inc., also known as, “Project Share,” has taken a major step toward being more visible in the city’s downtown area.
The ministry will be moving its offices and store from a small building beside the back of the Chamber of Commerce Building to the former occupancy of Lehman Plumbing and Heating, located on the west side of the street at the intersection North Jefferson and Water streets.
Not only will the location be advantageous, but there will be plenty of room for storage, office space, much more room for the ministry’s store and easier access to storage.
“We’ve been looking for something more convenient and affordable,” said agency executive director Don Sauls. “This is surely going to meet those needs. We thank the Lord for this opportunity.”
Sauls said that the building had been purchased by local contractor Andy Jones at an auction.
“We drove by one day and we stopped and talked to him,” said Sauls. “Dialogue began; we had board members that were encouraging us to look for better storage and a more observable and convenient thrift shop.”
Eventually, Jones met with the Compassionate Ministries board and they were excited by the possibilities, Sauls said. Board members decided to initially rent half of the main floor for three months, and then if it appeared that things were working out, the agency would rent the entire store front.
“He offered us the basement for storage. The nice part is that there is an elevator to transport our goods,” said Sauls.
The agency currently has to carry many of its storage goods up a large number of steps.
“We will have more space for the pantry, more space for the thrift shop,” observed Sauls. “We’ve had to turn down so much from our community because we didn’t have room to store it. Now, we will have that.”
Among expansion items, Sauls said the new facility would offer more room to provide furniture to those with need.
“Now we can keep furniture, clothing and streamline our pantry,” Sauls said. “We are so thankful to have more office operating space.
“One major benefit is that we will have more privacy to talk with our clients,” continued Sauls. “That is going to be real nice.”
Sauls said that improved visibility will give potential customers a better opportunity to see what is being offered for sale.
“We are excited, we feel like God has answered prayer, not only for us, but for the people in Berne with need,” Sauls said.
In the immediate future, emphasized Sauls, a large number of volunteers are going to be needed to help box items for moving. That activity will take place the week of February 25 at 9 a.m. each day. In addition, moving will take place the weekend of March 2 and unpacking will begin the first week in March.
Those wishing to assist with any part of moving is encouraged to call 260-589-8500.
“We can use all of the volunteers we can get,” said Sauls.
Project Share, now part of the Compassionate Ministries Network, Inc., supplies emergency food and household items to low or no-income individuals and families who do not currently receive food stamps or who are experiencing a food shortage emergency.
Compassionate Ministries is a para-church organization that is funded and supported by churches of the Berne and Geneva area. It is a non-profit agency; any monetary donation is tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS.
Primary sources of income include local churches, individual gifts, area businesses, United Way of Adams County, Lutheran Foundation of NE Indiana and grants from local and area foundations.
The primary goal of Compassionate Ministries is to meet and relieve human needs in the South Adams Ministerial Area related to crisis situations and to remove the cause of these basic human needs. Both purposes will include the systematic sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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