Council approves tax abatements for EP Graphics and FCC

Authored by Manda Arnold on Apr 25, 2012

The Berne City Council unanimously approved tax abatements for two Berne businesses on Monday evening. In a public hearing, Larry Macklin, executive director of the Adams County Economic Development Corporation, spoke on behalf of EP Graphics CEO Tyler Kitt who was unable to be at the meeting. The $6 million dollar investment in new equipment will provide 10 new jobs at EP Graphics and will be an economic lift to the entire area. With no objections from the public, the council proceeded to approve Confirming Resolution #2012-4-1 – Economic Revitalization Area for EP Graphics.
The council also approved all four of the tax abatement requests from FCC-Adams. Each abatement included one request for real estate and one for equipment for each of the four expansions. Currently, FCC-Adams employs 200 and is looking to hire at least 20 more employees soon. In most departments, they are running three full shifts.
“They are obviously in substantial compliance with their tax abatements,” stated city attorney Jim Beitler as he recommended the council approve the tax abatements.
Present at the meeting was Melissa Beitler on behalf of the Berne Community Development Corporation, which was requesting permission to close Harrison St. from Main St. to Water St. for special events being held at the Clock Tower. These event include: Teens with Tune on May 18; Strawberries and Jazz on June 22; the Splash Pad dedication sometime this summer; Quilt Garden Dedication on July 28; Spike and the Bulldogs and Classic Car Cruise-In on August 24; Literary Festival on September 8; and Treats at the Tower on October 25.
“We want the street closed mainly for safety reasons, especially with children coming to the site,” stated Beitler. The board gave their approval.
Gary Nussbaum provided the street repair list for 2012 to the council. Streets that will be repaired are Franz St. from Main St. to Water St.; Center St. from Sprunger St. to Baltimore St.; Baltimore St. from Buckeye St. to Parr Rd.; Lane St. from Clark St. to Center St.; and CR 150 (Village Way) from Parkway St. to CR 700S.
Citizens Kyle Roe and Jeremiah Sturwold were present to request something be done regarding a house in their neighborhood of West Franklin St. that is a recurring nuisance every year. The house has a tarp that is covering part of the roof. The lawn is constantly in need of mowing, and there is an abandoned car sitting in the backyard. They also requested an update on a house on Van Buren St. that has been abandoned.
“It really is an eyesore in the neighborhood,” said Roe.
The county put a temporary condemnation on the Van Buren St. house, and with the Unsafe House Ordinance now put into place, it gives the city of Berne due process to proceed with dealing with abandoned house.
“If it doesn’t get fixed, eventually it will get taken care of,” said city councilman Ron Dull.
Melissa Beitler was also at the Berne City Council meeting on Monday evening to recognize and thank Berne Police Officer Earl Hough for his assistance. Beitler was watching her grandson recently and was unable to get a car seat installed into her vehicle. When she called the Berne Police Department for help, they sent over Hough who assisted her in getting the car seat properly installed.
“He went beyond the call of duty,” stated Jim Beitler.
As a thank you to Hough, Melissa provided ice cream sundaes from White Cottage for everyone present at the Berne City Council meeting.


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