County to end agreement with Decatur Parks Dept.

Authored by Bob Adams on Jun 19, 2013

The Adams County Commissioners on Monday voted to end its agreement with the city of Decatur’s Parks Department, at least temporarily.
The head of both the city of Decatur’s Park Department and the county’s Parks Department for the past several years is Steve Krull. He is retiring from that position. The county, for several years, has funded one-third of his salary.
Adams County Attorney Mark Burry said that the county had until July 1 to back out of the agreement, and he indicated that he would be sending a letter to the Mayor of Decatur and the Decatur City Council ending the agreement.
Both Decatur and the county have a Park Board that oversees Krull and his employees. Recently there has been some acrimony between Krull, the Park Board, and the commissioners over the Parks Department’s budget and the supervision of the county’s Parks Department employees.
“We want some time to look at this agreement, and probably want a different agreement with the city,” said Commissioner Bauman. “We also have the option of having no Parks Department head (for the county) at all.”
The commissioners did sign an agreement for a grant for the Emergency Management Department. This Homeland Security grant will help fund the three Resource Officers in the county’s three schools systems and will be for $10,000.
The commissioners also agreed to fund, pending Adams County Council approval, the Council on Aging to the tune of $25,500, up from $24,000 from a year ago. County on Aging head Sharon Tester said the increase was due to the increases in the cost of fuel. The Council on Aging provides transportation for the county’s elderly.
The commissioners began the meeting by paying $54,201.53 in health costs and also amended the dates for some appointments to the Regional Sewer District Board.
Commissioner Ed Coil said that Golden Meadows was housing 23 patients, 13 males and eight females, and the commissioners received a report from Larry Weaver, the head of the county’s Weights and Measures Department.
Weaver’s report stated that between May 16 and June 15 he inspected 16 measuring devices and they all passed his inspection.
County Highway Department head Mark Mitchel asked the commissioners to approve two telephone line cuts. The first was for the Craigville Phone Company on County Road 400 North near Peterson, and the second was for CenturyLink on County Road 500 North. He added that hot mix will be applied to County Road 900 South and that his department will try to do about 75 miles of chip and seal work this summer.
County Engineer Tim Barkey opened bids for repair of a culvert on County Road 450 North. Four companies, Co-State Construction, Dave’s Excavating, Fleming Excavating, and Brooks Construction submitted bids ranging from $19,302.90 to $23,865. The commissioners took the bids under advisement.
Barkey added that he would open bids on Bridge B-148, located on County Road 900 South, next Monday.
County maintenance man Dave Meyer said that the window repaired earlier this year at the Annex did not leak during last week’s rainstorm, and he would contact the company that did the work and have them repair the other windows that are leaking.
Meyer is also on the Peace Monument committee. The committee is selling bricks to raise funds to rehab the monument. Meyer said that about 1,000 bricks would be available to honor Adams County’s veterans. The cost of the bricks is $70 for a 4x8 brick and $135 for an 8x8 brick. There are discounts available for multiple brick purchases and the forms for the bricks are available at the county’s VFW and American Legion posts, the County’s Veteran Affairs Office (phone number 260-724-5371), Dave Meyer (260-517-8070) or at the Auditor’s Office.
During the meeting, Commissioner Ed Coil a Korean War vet, and Commissioner Doug Bauman, a Vietnam vet, each bought bricks.


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