Dispatch improvements made at sheriff department

Authored by Jim Langham on Aug 29, 2012

Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg feels "pretty good" these days about recent renovation and equipment upgrades in the dispatch room of the Adams County Sheriff Department.
State-of-the art equipment designed to speed up responses and quality of communication could actually save lives, says Rekeweg.
"This streamlines the entire system so that dispatchers can respond quicker," said Rekeweg. "This has such potential with quicker response that it could save a life or lives."
"I love everything about this," said dispatcher Dawn Grimm. "It is good to feel like we are professional again. The new equipment is awesome. I like everything about this."
Rekeweg said that the new CAD (computer aided design) computer aids dispatching when office personnel are bogged down with calls.
The sheriff stressed that all new equipment is custom made, capable of showing origin of call and the number.
Furniture is custom designed so that chairs and desk tops can adjust to mobility to make position of the dispatcher more comfortable.
"Dispatchers work 12-hour shifts and are down here (in the room) for a long time," observed Rekeweg. "It is imperative that dispatchers remain as comfortable as possible for all of this."
Dispatchers can monitor jail views and entrances and various sites throughout the grounds.
"The new system monitor allows the viewing of all video recordings in the entire county system, should the various police systems hook up the equipment for it," Rekeweg said.
Rekeweg said that the system also has the potential to zoom in on tornadoes or other natural disasters in action or the sites of serious accidents on the highways or county roads.
"We can use this system if, for some reason, we want to set up cameras up and down U.S. 27," observed Rekeweg. "There are also school safe system monitors."
Another advantage of the new equipment is the fact those working can view the perspective of two or three positions.
"When we are tracking works of Mother Nature, the dispatchers are also capable of doing their jobs as the 911 calls come in," noted Rekeweg.
Preliminary work prior to installation of new equipment included cleaning out the old electrical system and mounting an entire new electrical setup; also, ripping out old carpets and installing new floor covering.
"In the old system, the sheriff had no back up," commented Rekeweg. "Now I have the CAD system on my personal laptop. The bottom line is that it streamlines and better distributes the workload."


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