FCC more than quadruples work force in nine years

Authored by Jim Langham on Aug 19, 2011

Elizabeth Daniels, administrative manager at FCC (Adams) said at a Thursday luncheon that most of the company's success is due to the continued steady sales of Ford pickup trucks.
FCC is a manufacturer of automatic transmission clutch assemblies and components, mainly for Ford, but a small amount for Honda. Daniels said that company capabilities include transfer press stamping/forming, grob forming, flow-forming, aluminum die casting, electron beam welding, machining and assembly.
"We are lucky that Ford has stayed steady," said Daniels of the company's success. "Ford pickup sales have remained outstanding. We are very fortunate that Ford has stayed strong."
Daniels, who worked at FCC in Portland prior to coming to Berne, still remembers when she and seven other company officials that were to become FCC (Adams) were sitting in a conference room in Portland.
Daniels noted that clutches made in the Berne plant are shipped to two locations. Clutches for Mustang, Expedition and Mountaineer are shipped to Livonia, MI. while F250-F550 pickups, gas and diesel parts are shipped to Sharonville.
"We are the only FCC facility that does Ford," said Daniels. "The rest are Honda based. The main base is in Portland."
The local company, which was established in 2003, was built on 40 acres and housed 37 employees.
"There wasn't hardly anything out there," said Daniels. "Now you can hardly see anything because of all that is there."
Things are moving so fast now, said Daniels that it's nearly impossible to keep up. Most recently, a 35,000 square foot warehouse expansion went up in September of 2010, giving the possibility for 139 associates. Currently, a 67,000 square foot expansion will be completed by the end of the year, giving the capacity for up to 185 associates.
"In our next expansion, another company will be coming in but we're not announcing that yet," said Daniels. "Then we will do three companies with a new customer."
In 2011, a new Grob press will be added. For 2013, company officials have ordered another 1,850-ton transfer press. This November, said Daniels, the assembly line will be organized into three lines. She noted that the company is running newspaper ads for more associates. She noted that many workers are hired locally as walk-ins and others are referred by "temp service."
Daniels noted that the primary thing she looks at in hiring a new associate is whether or not there is a good work history. She said that it helps if the individual has good lathe background.
Daniels noted that the company has won many awards. In 2007, FCC was awarded Ford's "excellence award," based on worldwide competition. In 2010 the company received a "Recognition of Achievement" award and the significant "ABF Nomination," which guarantees that the company is placed on a new project list so that it is given a first option for manufacturing of new products.
"This award is based on quality. It is a wonderful new opportunity for us," observed Daniels. "It means that when Ford goes out to start a new project, instead of going through a lot of trouble looking people up, they go to us immediately, based on quality."


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