First-ever million dollar scholarship night for South Adams

Authored by Jim Langham on May 15, 2013

Those responsible for supporting South Adams seniors in their efforts to higher education contributed the highest amount of funds ever toward scholarship awards.
Scholarships totaling $1,247,711 were presented to South Adams students at Monday night’s annual Scholarship Award Night.
Much of that amount was contributed by colleges and institutions which contributed sizeable amounts to local students.
Those receiving significant higher education funding included Kara DeLong, recipient of an academic scholarship from Olivet University; Abbie Fisher, Great Commission Award from Kentucky Christian University; Alexis Ford, Wright Promise Award from Wright State University; Megan Hreha, Ball State Legacy Scholarship and Johnston Legacy Scholarship; Adrienne Pursley, Presidential Scholarship to attend Ball State University; and Samantha Schwartz, who received the Presidential Scholarship and Emmens Scholarship for Ball State University.
Also receiving assistance were Kyle Johnson and Landon Lehman, Purdue Promise Scholarship; Evan Liechty, Purdue University Presidential Scholarship; Corey Seffernick, Purdue Marquardt Farm Scholarship and Fred J. Babel Food Science Scholarship; Faith Von Gunten, Marquardt Alumni Scholarship, School of Ag Scholar Award of Excellence and Purdue Marquis Scholarship; Andrew Litwiller, Dean’s Scholarship for Trinity International University.
Others included Dakota Mitchell and Jody Potts, IU Covenant Award; Kristen Muselman, Provost Scholarship and Faculty Scholarship for Taylor University; Brayden Myers, Academic Achievement Scholarship and ISU Laptop Award for Indiana State University; Cory Sank, Trine Opportunity Award, Trine University; Kaitlin Tubbs, Distinguished Scholarship Award and the Legacy Scholarship, Trine University, Amazia Switzer, Richard Lugar Academic Scholarship for University of Indianapolis and Nathan Wynn, Dean’s Scholarship for Manchester University.
“It was wonderful to see that a lot of students received large scholarships for college,” commented Allison Evans. “The amount of money presented this year indicates just how much our community is behind our students.”
Coni Mayer, executive director for the Adams County Community Foundation announced 31 awards. It was noted that there are 46 total scholarships currently managed by the foundation.
Those who received scholarships as a result of those donating through the foundation were Kara DeLong, Shea Pyle, Abbie Fisher, Corey Seffernick, Shelby Marie Furlin, Alanna Hancock, Blake Fox, Samanta Schwartz, Megan Hreha, Mitchell Kaverman, Kristen Muselman, Devon Drennen, Brooke Kirchhofer and Alexis Ford.
Also, Sarah McMullen, Evan Liechty, Chase Mosser, Destiny Amstutz, Leah Mitchel, Jon Liechty, Von Erick Sandoval and Ben Meshberger.
Mayer praised local scholarship leaders who have organized and furthered the scholarship funds.
Mayer praised the effort of the local scholarship foundation which raised nearly $10,000 to award local students.
“Todd Ruppert has done a lot; he’s a professional,” commented Mayer. “Todd and Allison have made enormous strides in upgrading this scholarship meeting. From all perspectives, South Adams has made a great transition.”
In addition to a large amount of scholarships provided by the Adams County Scholarship Foundation, 10 senior honor students were announced.
Top 10 honor students include Evan Liechty, Megan Hreha, Andrew Litwiller, Abbie Fisher, Robert Fahl, Faith Von Gunten, Adrienne Pursley and Kaitlin Tubbs.


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