Flags decorate veteran’s graves

Authored by Bob Adams on May 21, 2014

Adams County Veteran’s Service Officer Ron Bollenbacher said that American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War members decorated approximately 3,000 veterans’ graves with American Flags over the weekend in preparation for Memorial Day.
He added that a number of grave stones were also repaired.
Bollenbacher again wanted to remind everyone that the Peace Monument wall will be dedicated on Memorial Day at 11 a.m. The bricks used to build the wall are inscribed with the names of Adams County veterans.
The commissioners began their Monday meeting by paying payroll claims of $240,352.82 and accounts payable claims of $294,277.59. They also paid a workmen’s comp claim amounting to $26,934.30.
They received a report from the county’s department of Weights and Measures. Larry Weaver’s report stated that he had inspected 62 various measuring devices and all passed his test.
County Engineer Tim Barkey said that USI Consultants were scheduled to begin the inspection of all bridges in the county that are more than 20-feet long. Barkey said that 28 bridges would be inspected this month and that would leave USI about three months to inspect the balance of the bridges.
He added that he would open bids on the rehab of Bridge 61 and the approach to bridge B 37.
Bridge B61 is on County Road 500 West between 300 and 400 North. Bridge B37 is on Piqua Road between County Road 100 East and Monmouth Road.
County Highway Superintendent Mark Mitchel asked for permission for Community Fiber Solutions to make a cable cut on South Parr Road near County Road 000. He received permission.
IT Director Landon Patterson also sought and received permission to sign an amended agreement between Community Fiber Solutions and the county.
A county resident who lives in the area of County Road 1000 North and 200 East informed the commissioners that six deer had been hit in the immediate area in recent months. He asked that deer crossing signs be installed in the area. The commissioners said that signs like this are generally ignored and added that they would contact Sheriff Shane Rekeweg to see if he could step up patrols in the area to control speeding.
Adam Miller, legal counsel for the Adams County Sewer District, presented the commissioners with a proposed change to the sewer ordinance to bring it more in line with the state’s ordinance. The wording is changed from the “sewer board shall force the connection to sewer lines” to “the board may force the connection to the sewer lines.” The other change in the document changes distance from 300 feet from the property line to 300 feet from a residence or business.
While there were no substantial updates on the proposed Judicial Center, local resident Jason Brune, who is opposed to placing the Judicial Center in downtown Decatur, gave a report on the costs of placing the Judicial Center in downtown Decatur as opposed to using the current jail property.
Brune claims that the property on the proposed location is smaller than the current jail property and that the current jail property is large enough to support both jail and Superior Court.
Commissioner Doug Bauman said that the commissioners are still open-minded about the location of the Judicial Center and that “nothing has been set in stone.”
Bauman did note that the commissioners will be meeting with the membership of the Decatur American Legion to see if that group wants to sell their building which sets at the corner of Madison and First streets.


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