Hopewell served as natural learning center for Gene Stratton Porter

Authored by Jim Langham on Nov 15, 2010

The brick shell of the Hopewell United Methodist Church in Wabash County no longer houses the praises and shouts of worshipers that were there when Rev. Mark Stratton, father of famed author Gene Stratton Porter, once founded the church. Like the cemeteries around it, it is simply a memorial to the Hopewell settlement where Porter was born on Aug. 17, 1863, during the Civil War.
The "four corners" is located approximately two miles north of U.S. 24 along County Road 500 E in Wabash County. Upon initial approach, a creek and trees meandering through the open field block the site of the church and cemetery.
Suddenly, the church cemetery and several plaques honoring Porter emerge...

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