Infrastructure concerns dominate Monroe Council

Authored by Jim Langham on May 3, 2013

Various matters concerning sewage and sidewalks dominated most of Monroe’s monthly council meeting on Thursday evening.
Council president Al Lehman told those present that state officials are asking for an ordinance detailing concerns of water cross connection when residents hook into the town water lines.
“This involves situations when water comes out of a faucet connected to equipment that mixes that water,” said Lehman. “If that water becomes connected with lawn fertilizer or things of that nature, anything can happen.”
Lehman said that such an occurrence is very unlikely because the city water pressure from the tower usually dominates pressure and pushes the water back to the residences. However, if something were to happen that the water pressure is reduced, there is the smallest possibility that such a mixing could occur.
“The state says that our ordinances don’t cover such a situation,” Lehman said. “We’re working on putting something together that will comply with what the state wants. It will include penalties.”
Lehman announced that there are limited funds available to replace street sidewalks. He noted that the money is available for sidewalks along the streets and not those sidewalks reaching to residences.
Lehman stressed that anyone wishing to discuss funding for such a sidewalk should call him.
Assistant superintendent Justin Shaffer said that people have been dumping trash in a town refuse area only intended for deposit of natural disposables such as trees and branches to contribute to a refuse pile. Council instructed Shaffer to investigate who is depositing illegally and report it to proper authorities.
Lehman reported that there has been no update from the fire department regarding plans for a new station.
Attorney Jeremy Brown noted that some people might be asking about letting of bids for such a project. He said that because construction is under management of the fire department, there is no requirement for such a procedure.


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