Large turnout enjoys new park equipment

Authored by Jim Langham on May 20, 2013

Thanks to hard work by volunteers and professionals, Amanda Patterson, who headed up the drive for new equipment at the Lehman Park, was able to pull away the yellow ribbons that been wrapped around the new playground late Saturday.
“We got done around 3 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday noon, Amanda was able to pull down the yellow ribbon that had been placed there so the concrete could set up,” said Ron Dull, chairman of the Lehman Park Board.
“Hundreds of children enjoyed the weather on Sunday with the beautiful weather that we had,” said Dull.
“It’s good that we can invest back into the community with projects such as this,” commented Youth for Christ’s Michael Yoder. “It’s good to see the entire community, private individuals and businesses come out to support this.”
Yoder said that some of the older people in the community told him that they could remember when the “Witch’s hat,” (prior piece of equipment that had been torn down for safety) was installed. Now I can say that I remember this.”
Dull said that the original plan was to start working on installation of the new equipment on Friday noon. However, Rich St. Clair, of St. Clair Recreation, arrived early and was willing to start working several hours early.
Dull credited the early arrival of several professionals, including Landon Patterson and Rick Patterson, Mike Wynn and a strong representation from the South Adams FFA, who joined hands to dig holes and prepare foundational work for the equipment.
“Something else happened that really worked out in the end,” said Dull. “We were supposed to originally install the equipment about a month ago, but we had to cancel because of a snowstorm. At that time, Mike Dubach, of Dubach Excavating, donated time and equipment to level out the park area.
“As it worked out, that was huge, because it prepared the land itself so that we could set up as we were able to this past weekend,” said Dull. “In the end, timing wise, everything worked out perfect.
“We planned our work and worked our plan,” said Dull.
Dull said that he was especially thankful for the weather this past weekend that allowed for installation and also for children to enjoy the equipment on Sunday afternoon.
“I love it,” said Michael Yoder of Youth for Christ. “This is an awesome blessing to our community. God has really answered our prayers. He opened the doors for us.
“It is awesome how the community came together to make it happen,” continued Yoder. “The kids got involved; the FFA came out here and helped.”
Both Dull and Yoder praised Amanda Patterson for her tireless effort and drive at promoting the project and raising funds until the equipment could be purchased.
Saturday, Patterson looked on at the construction of the equipment with a look of disbelief, but satisfaction.
“It’s unbelievable,” said Patterson. “If I didn’t believe that dreams came true, I do now.”


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