Macedonian family loving life in Berne area

Authored by Jim Langham on Nov 5, 2012

Brothers Safet and Fatmir Veseli realize that their names may not be the most recognized in the local area at this time. But as long as people recognize their restaurant (Berne Dining) food and where it is prepared, that is all that matters to them.
Safet Veseli came to the United States, looking for a place of freedom and safety to bring his children. It was early this year when Veseli checked out the sale of an eatery on the south side of Berne. Veseli came and investigated and liked what he saw. He purchased the restaurant and soon his family was flying to the Berne area to start a new life in North America.
At the beginning of the school year, Veseli and his wife, Azbie, and children, daughters, Vjosa and Ardita and son, Suletman, re-established their residence in the Berne area.
“I like it here because everyone works together here,” observed Safet. “I would like to find a job for my wife and brother.”
While school has been an adjustment for the children, 17-year-old Ardita bubbles with enthusiasm when she describes her love for the American culture and school opportunities.
“I like it a lot here,” said Ardita. “I like the people and I like the school. I like the teachers; they are such good people. I like the students.
“It was so hard to leave the friends I had over there (Macedonia). I am looking forward to meeting new friends; I left the good old people in Macedonia. That was hard.
“I am glad to be surrounded by good people in such a nice place as Berne,” continued Veseli. “I learn a lot about the young people by listening to the music that is popular in their land.”
Ardita, who is a sophomore at South Adams, is in choir and is working hard to keep her grades up. Veseli said that school in Macedonia primarily lasts from 7 a.m. to 1p.m.
“Here we have one semester of classes and subjects and then we are sent to another room,” observed Sharp.
‘The students are good and friendly,” said Ardita, who radiated with happiness about the family move.
Ardita said that although there are mountains in the area that she came from, she is more fascinated by the people of this area, especially the Amish folks. She noted that she is happy that her computer is equipped so that she can speak to her friends in Macedonia.
“Everyone is happy here,” said Safet Veseli. “My country is so different. People are just kind of persevering. I like Berne; I like to make it like my home.”
Safet and his brother, Fatmir, worked together at a fresh fish restaurant in Macedonia. Fatmir’s family, wife, Resmie, Edita, Emira and Rinor have all been in the Berne area for five months. So far, Safet has provided jobs for his family members. But many of them are hoping to be employed by area businesses.
“It means a lot to see all of my family members over here and working together in the restaurant,” Safet said. “We have a very caring family. Some of the family members are living together right now.”
Veseli said that his children love the school, in spite of the struggles to learn the English language.
“They said there is a better cafeteria here,” Veseli said, “They are learning English. The teachers help them. I am very happy with the way the school helps them out.”
Like the rest of the family, Veseli’s wife, Azbie, loves living in the Midwest.
“This place is so very good and our children love living here,” Veseli said. “There are some differences in the food. There are some things that you have here that we don’t approve.”
Veseli said that the last he knew, gas in Macedonia was eight dollars a gallon. In addition, he noted that many laborers take on more than one job because laborers are currently working off of an income of $400 per month.
“For awhile my father was over here. I am so glad that we are together as a family again,” observed Ardita. “I’m so glad to have both of my parents back again. I am fortunate to have them. They work hard. I miss my sister (Edita). She is in Macedonia in school right now.”


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