Mellencamp retells wife’s courageous journey

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 8, 2013

The morning of May 8, 2012, forever changed the life of local businessman, Tony Mellencamp, his wife, Kaye, and their children. It was that day that Mellencamp was preparing for work and was looking forward to voting in a primary election, of which he was a candidate.
It didn’t take long however, for Mellencamp to find out how life can be turned upside down in an instant when Kaye suddenly began seizing and stopped breathing.
From that moment on, Kaye’s near-death experience, and the thoughts and reflections of the Mellencamp family and friends were recorded on Facebook and many other attempts to write feelings from that surreal time in their lives. Those thoughts have come together and been recorded in the book, “K,” Mellencamp’s attempt to share his wife’s story of faith, love and hope.
From that moment, for the next several weeks, Kaye Mellencamp was given a one in 10 chance of survival following the massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. According to Tony Mellencamp, medical staff at Adams Memorial Hospital and Parkview Regional Medical Center worked in tireless dedication to save the life of a mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend.
The book, “K,” is inscribed as a story of, “love, faith and hope.” The inscription notes, “the true story of one family’s journey following a near death experience and how medical, science and social media turned it into a story for all people.”
“The book begins with the moment it happened and goes to the benefit,” said Mellencamp.
Last Friday, July 5, Mellencamp said, “today is the one year anniversary when we brought her (Kaye) home. One year ago today we brought her home from the Indianapolis hospital.
“Today she is doing payroll and bookwork for the restaurant,” continued Mellencamp. “All in all, she is doing much better than what they thought she would.”
Another aneurysm that Mellencamp still has had not grown as of the last examination.
“Right now, unless her blood pressure goes up, they only have to see her once a year,” said Tony Mellencamp.
Mellencamp said the purpose in publishing the book is to help people that are going through a similar experience, those who have gone through something like this and can sincerely relate to it.
“This shows what power there can be in prayer and support,” said Mellencamp. “It shows the importance of faith and to never give up.
“This was not singularly religious or singularly secular, it was a combination of those things plus the social media, medical care and insurance,” continued Mellencamp. “There are so many things in situations like this that people don’t think about. When you come home, it’s not over for your family. People think that once they are home, everything is better.”
Mellencamp said that there are traumatic things that he and their children will never forget about.
“Part of that will always be there,” Mellencamp said. “You can’t forget that kind of thing. This is a very private thing that we made public in hopes of helping others. We must never give up.
“They told us that she would never wake up; we said, ‘goodbye,’ thinking that it was only days off and that it would probably happen quietly,” Mellencamp said.
Mellencamp stressed that Kaye’s story is the story of the entire community, Christian world’s prayers and all of those who reached out in some way.
“This town is just so giving,” said Mellencamp. “So many people have been a part of this story. Anytime anyone started praying for Kaye, they became a part of this story. There were many small towns and cities where every single church was praying. A friend of mine from college was in Jerusalem and prayed for her at the Wailing Wall. Over and over I heard, ‘you don’t know me, but...’”
Mellencamp said that he will keep the public informed as more businesses begin selling, “K.” He noted that he could be called at 260-692-2338 or individuals could call up the book’s web site,


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