Monroe Council prepares for move to new facility

Authored by Jim Langham on Oct 4, 2013

Monroe Volunteer Fire Department chief Russell Cook told city council members on Thursday evening that the meeting was the last time they would be meeting in the old facility. The new fire/administration building is in the final stages of construction and will be available for council use for the November meeting.
“This is the last time you will be meeting in this building,” said Cook. “The November meeting will be held at the new facility (233 Tower Drive).”
Cook announced that open house for the new town facility will be held on Oct. 20 from 1-4 p.m. Another public event will be held on Nov. 2 with the annual soup supper, which will be held from 4-6:30 p.m.
Council passed a motion stating that the next meeting would be held at the new town hall and that all subsequent meetings will be held there.
Homeland Security director John August was present to discuss moving the town’s emergency siren away from the old building. August suggested that the siren be re-installed at the county garage, due to its closeness to the bulk of Monroe housing.
August said he had discussed the matter with county highway superintendent Mark Mitchel who agreed to the relocation at his facility.
The cost for the transition is $6,427.80. However, August said that the Adams County Commissioners had agreed to pick up two-thirds of the cost ($4, 285.20) with the remaining one-third ($2,142.60) to be picked up by the village of Monroe.
The council also passed the final version of the 2014 budget, following a community hearing on the matter. The new budget totals $396,800 compared to the 2013 budget of $391,900.
The proposed levy amount for 2014 is $187,242 based on an estimated levy rate of 0.6977.
In other matters, the council:
- Approved expenditure of $32,800.18 to Brooks Construction, Fort Wayne, for the paving of Van Buren Street from Indiana 124 south to the town line. In addition, the town approved an appropriation of $35,000 from the economic development fund to pay for the cost of the project.
- Approved the purchase of security cameras at the compost site and the water plant.
- Was informed that street lights ordered for Tower Drive should arrive within the next two weeks.
Council was informed that large trash pickup will occur between Oct. 7 and 11. Items containing Freon must be properly removed and tagged or they will not be picked up. Those items not accepted include tires, hazardous chemicals, oil, solvents, new or old remodeling materials and all electronics. Trash barrels will also be emptied. For special arrangements, call: 260-692-6909 or 260-849-0511.
Also, water mains will be flushed and fire hydrants will be tested Oct. 14 through 18. Water Department employees request that town residents avoid doing any laundry until late afternoon during this week to avoid getting rust in clothes.


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