Monroe Fire Department requests land for new station

Authored by Jim Langham on Mar 8, 2013

Things were winding down at the Monroe Town Council meeting on Thursday night when Fire Chief Russell Cook asked officials to consider donating five acres in the town’s business park for the construction of a new fire station, police station and offices for the town clerk.
“Our firefighters are asking you to think about this and talk about this,” said Cook.
Monroe council president Al Lehman said that there are five acres located on the north side of the business park near the town’s water tower.
“This area already has fire hydrants and streets near Miller Land Survey and next to the office of Dr. Nussbaum,” said Lehman.
“This is something we need to think about. We will probably have some kind of motion about this at the next meeting. We would need to conduct a public hearing if we decide to proceed with this,” Lehman said.
Lehman clarified the request by stating that if council decides to grant Cook’s request, the city would provide the land but it would be the fire department’s responsibility to actually finance construction of the building.
Cook said that he talked to a lady recently who referred to the idea as a, “well-deserved project.” He suggested that Monroe residents talk to council members or other city officials and express their wishes concerning the possibility.
“The town has a lot of investment there,” said Lehman. “The water lines and sewer lines are out there and ready to be hooked up.”
Lehman encouraged residents to express their opinion to city officials concerning the matter.
Assistant superintendent Justin Shaffer told council that he had just responded to a request from state officials for a complete value assessment of the city’s water system from the time that it was installed. He noted that to the best of his knowledge, the worth of the water department, including water towers is approximately $4 million.
“This was from the beginning of time for our water system,” said Shaffer. “We’ve been crunching numbers on this for about two months.”
Lehman reported that town officials are continuing to study the possibility of a new town utility and town office building.
On Saturday, June 1, members of the Monroe Lions Club will be sponsoring their annual 5K run and walk. Council members granted permission for usage of requested streets for the event.
Saturday, March 23, from 6 to 10 a.m. the Monroe Fire Department is serving a sausage and pancake breakfast. At 10:45 a.m., there will be the community Easter Egg Hunt at the Little League complex.
Clerk/treasurer Rachel Burkhart was absent due to illness; Deb Giessler served as clerk/treasurer pro tem for the evening.
There was no police report due to the absence of Town Marshall Dio Hernandez.


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