Monroe pursuing $350,000 sewer upgrade

Authored by Jim Langham on May 2, 2014

Monroe Town Council passed a resolution to give the town’s engineering
consultant, GAI Consultants, Inc., the go-ahead to explore and present a potential major sewer upgrade.
Total cost of the upgrade, if town officials decide to go ahead with it, could exceed $350,000, reported council president Al Lehman.
Lehman reported that the town had spent $43,000 on repairs in 2012 and $30,000 in 2013. Two motors installed last month cost another $6,000.
“What we have right now is not working without a lot of attention,” said Lehman. “We have major action that needs to be taken on the lift stations. We’ve got to decide whether we are going to fix them or replace them.”
Lehman said he thinks it is more expedient to spend money on an upgrade rather than continuing to repair the current system.
Fire chief Russell Cook noted that the volunteer fire department is currently selling bricks towards the cost of the town’s new fire station. Cook said that bricks cost $125 and $150 and can be secured by calling the fire station.
“Money that comes from this fund raiser is aimed at helping pay the new fire station building off,” said Cook.
“I would like to thank the public for those who recently came to our fund raising breakfast,” said Cook. “We’ve even been receiving donations through the mail.”
Lehman said that town attorney Jeremy Brown had looked into the possibility of adding two new council seats to increase the size of the town’s legislative body.
“The legalities involved would make it so difficult to carry through,” said Lehman. “I think we’re better off not making any change at this point.”
Lehman told council members that changes in insurance regulations governing town employees appears to be costing the town an extra $400 a month toward the cost of insurance premiums.
Lehman said that the cost of health insurance increase per month could exceed the total tax revenue increase. He noted that the current cost of premiums for town employees is $808. However, under the new regulation, that cost could increase to $1,243.
In other matters:
Council voted to annex a residence at 537 S. Adams St. Lehman reported that the owner had requested annexation and the right to hook up to the local sewer system.
Council also gave its nod to annexing the Adams County Credit Union, located by the intersection of Indiana 124 and Studebaker Street.
Lehman reminded council that the local Lions Club is having a breakfast at the fire station this Saturday from 6:30 to 10 a.m.


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