Monroe Township Advisory Board reviews recent library votes

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 19, 2013

Members of the Monroe Township Advisory Board met on Thursday evening to review recent petition and remonstrance results concerning establishment of an Adams County Public Library System in the Monroe-Monroe Township area.
Township trustee Jerry Walker told those present that ballots were being viewed as to certification by number, name and the presence of registered voters.
Roy Lehman, president of the board, noted that there were 108 votes signed to the petitions, with three disqualifications because of lack of dates.
The remonstrance vote against the expansion was 152. Lehman said that the inspection noted that there were several signatures that didn’t match up with information registered at the Clerk’s Office.
“The expansion has been defeated. The Indiana Code indicates no further action. No action can be taken for another year,” said Lehman.
Walker said that he has submitted requests for additional appropriations to award vouchers to township residents qualifying for $20 awards towards library cards. Kelly Ehinger, executive director of the library system, said that card costs are $70.
Walker said that vouchers will be available as long as money is in the fund. He noted that library cards can be purchased from the facility that the resident is closest to.
“The funds are there for 2013,” said Walker. “We are trying to get permission to spend that. We are under a lot of pressure with maximum levies in Monroe Township.”
One issue currently under consideration is the promise from those for the remonstrance to provide free library cards to those families in Monroe-Monroe who had given the APLS information that they couldn’t afford a card.
“Those needy families will now be able to receive a library card absolutely free,” noted Al Lehman in flyers distributed in favor of the remonstrance.
Thursday night following the township meeting, Lehman said that anyone could receive a library card whose tax is less than $70, the cost of a card.
“This is effective 2014,” said Lehman. “All paperwork is not finalized on this yet.”
Concerning the remonstrance vote, Lehman said, “I admire the people of Monroe for rejecting the penalty that would have cost the citizens of this township $25,000.”
“We want to thank those in the community who signed the petition,” said Kelly Ehinger, director of the Adams County Public Library System. “The well respected educators who carried the petitions and many others in Monroe understand the value of life-long learning opportunities and the development of pre-literacy skills through libraries.
“The library will continue to work toward library service throughout the county to bring about the positive economic and educational impact to all Adams County residents and communities. We hope another petition may run again in the future with different results,” Ehinger said.


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