Moser Motor Sales honored with award

Authored by Jim Langham on Mar 20, 2013

Moser Motor Sales learned recently that it is the recipient of this year’s President’s Award for customer satisfaction. According to company vice president Jim Eicher, the award used to be known as the North American Customer Excellence Award. In its dealership history, Moser Motors received that award three times. In recent years, the firm has been the recipient of the President’s Award seven times.
Eicher said that the award actually reflects service practices from 2012, but the recognized dealership couldn’t be determined until the last act of service related to 2012 was determined.
“This award indicates that we are first of out approximately 110 dealerships for sales satisfaction,” observed Eicher. “It looks at such factors as whether the customer was treated with integrity, if the vehicle was delivered on time without negative surprises and whether or not the customer would buy from that dealership again.”
Eicher said that these days the award is driven from the voice of the customer.
“When I started sales in the late 1970s, the sales meetings were more rah, rah,” said Eicher. “I just came back from a meeting in Orlando. Seventy-five percent of the meetings these days are based on recognizing customer inconveniences, frustrations and how to handle the problems in a professional manner.
“At a national meeting, the head of Ford’s parts and service division stood up and read a passage from the Bible that talked about looking at other’s needs rather than your own. This is what it takes to survive the next century in business. We have to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes,” he stated.
Eicher said that the only way to achieve this status through Ford is to make sure there is a staff dedicated to caring about customers. He noted that company officials talk to staff about taking ownership of the problem.
“You own the problem until you find the person who can correct the problem,” Eicher said.
“We are very fortunate in our organization to have people that feel a moral obligation to represent their area of service and integrity,” Eicher said. “If they say something on your car needs to be replaced, it really needs to be replaced. If they feel that you could get another 50,000 miles out of your vehicle before major repair, they will tell you.”
Eicher said that the awards received by his company can be attributed to more than just the individual workers in his company. He recognized the entire work ethic of the Berne community and how working people have grown to be hard-working, honest employees.
“The whole issue of integrity comes into play here,” said Eicher. “The Berne work ethic involves honest pay and honest work. It is the moral fabric of the whole community that contributes to the success in our businesses.”
Moser Motor Sales has been a family-owned franchise in the local community for over 100 years. Not only is it one of the oldest dealerships in the nation, it is the oldest family-owned Ford dealership in Indiana.
On March 30, Moser Motors will be hosting a President Award’s luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in celebration of the award. The public is invited to join them for the luncheon.


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