Nearly $1 million in scholarship money passed out at AC

Authored by Jim Langham on May 8, 2013

Adams Central seniors were awarded a total of $998,466 in scholarship funds at Monday’s annual Senior Scholarship Night. The event was sponsored by the Adams Central Scholarship Foundation and Adams Central High School.
In addition, a large number of memorial scholarships were presented, “in honor of,” through the Adams County Community Foundation.
Also, many students were recognized as recipients of full or nearly full-ride college and university scholarships, based mainly on the individual students’ academic and various skill achievements.
Major college funding has been acquired by Nathan Barger (University of St. Francis), Brittany Braun (University of St. Francis), Jenna Byer (University of St. Francis), Dalton Combs (Huntington University), Alyssa Eddy (Huntington University), Mary Fox (Taylor University), Brandi Girod (Huntington University) and Jennifer Kahlert (University of St. Francis).
Other significant awards included Ashley Lotter (University of St. Francis), Isaac Luginbill (Olivet Nazarene University), Sydnee Peterson (University of St. Francis), Aubrie Sanders (Xavier University), Matthew Schwaller (Ohio Northern University), Laura Sigworth (Huntington University), Jamie Swales (Bowling Green State University) and Braxton Wolf (Anderson University).
“We have a lot of reason to be proud of this group,” commented Marilyn Harvey. “We are very fortunate to have a group of students like this. You as parents have a lot of reason to be proud.”
Coni Mayer, executive director of the Adams County Community Foundation, admitted that she gets emotional when she realizes the heart behind many of the memorial scholarships passed out through the foundation.
“Many of those people who had lost loved ones worked painstakingly to find a recipient for their honorary scholarship in choosing an individual they felt represented their loved ones in a very special connection,” commented Mayer. “It’s so hard for them to choose someone who they feel is fitting to represent their loved one.”
Adams County Community Foundation Scholarships were awarded to David Teeple (Dixie Harvey Arven Memorial), Jessica Ripley (Barkey-Pettibone Memorial), Megan Johnson (Decatur Dental Services), Mary Fox (Carolyn Donaghy Memorial), Sara Biberstine (Encore, Theodore Heller Memorial) and Taylon Elzey (Volunteer Fire Department).
Others include Lydia Johnson (Kipfer Family Memorial), Sydnee Peterson (Adams County Hospital Auxiliary), Meghan McCullough (Mershberger–LICA), Lydia Johnson (Bryan Miller Memorial), Jenna Byer (Tara Lynn Scare Memorial), Jessica Ripley (Elizabeth Souder Memorial), Aubrie Sanders (Anonymous Contributor), Samantha Holley (Don and Mary Dick Family), David Teeple (K. Robert Ehrman Vocation), Mary Fox (John Geimer Memorial) and Laura Sigworth (Officer Jerry Wyss).
“These students have potential to become great people,” said Harvey. “They have worked hard to get here. They are merit based on SAT scores, grades, things they had to work on all through high school and their commitment to service opportunities.”
Other scholarships were awarded by the Adams Central Classroom Teachers Association, Farm Bureau, Inc., First Merchants Bank, Optimist Club, St. Joseph’s College, St. Luke Church, Sunshine Society, Tri-Kappa, Will Vidal Memorial and IPFW.
Mike Cooper, representing the Adams Central Scholarship Foundation, said that the foundation has been awarding scholarship awards for the last 36 years.
“The Adams Central Scholarship Foundation has been funded by contributors from the local area, businesses and local fundraising efforts,” commented Cooper.
Students who received awards through Adams Central Scholarship Foundation efforts include Matt Schwaller, Ben Pfister, Dusty Gremaux, Aaron Steffen, Jessica Ripley, Blaine Aschliman, Isaac Luginbill, Sara Biberstine, Dalton Combs, Shane Fiechter, Brandi Girod and Sydnee Peterson.
Others include Brittany Lotter, Devan Barger, Alyssa Eddy, Lydia Johnson, Jenna Stroup, Scherry Hirschy, Ashley Lotter, Mary Fox and Laura Sigworth. Others include Kirsten Broderick, Jamie Swales, David Teeple, Jennifer Kahlert, Heather Gerber, Michael Yoder, Brittany Braun and Luke Marbach.


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