New business with 42 potential jobs lands in Berne

Authored by Jim Langham on Feb 26, 2014

A new business, known as Mid-America Foundation Supply, which will do business as Poseidon Barge, will open in Berne later this spring, bringing with it the initial possibility of 42 employees.
County Economic Development Director Larry Macklin and company president Mary Habegger-Fox were present at Monday night's council meeting to present the business.
"I am here in support of Declaratory Resolution 2014-2-1 for real estate and Declaratory Resolution 2014-2-2 for the personal property," said Macklin. "With your approval, this would establish an economic revitalization area at the site of the new business, which is 725 Parr Road and more commonly known as Building Two, a part of the former Ficosa complex.”
The estimated salary output is $1.8 million a year.
"Mayor (Bill) McKean and I became aware that there was a possibility for this company to locate a part of their business in Berne," continued Macklin. "We met with Mid-America and became engaged in the process of attracting this business to Berne and Adams County. Mid-America has decided to locate here and is purchasing the building."
Macklin said that Adams County continues to drop in unemployment numbers and currently boasts an unemployment figure of 5.4 percent.
"We know that there is growth right here at home and this is the backbone of our jobs," observed Macklin. "The folks at Mid-America have been forthright with their document that you have before you and it's truly a delight to work with them."
Mid-America already has a Fort Wayne operation, but will consider the Berne operation as a new expansion for them and they are expected to provide quality jobs.
Macklin asked council to enter into a partnership with the operation by approving a new "Tax Phase-In" on the building and the equipment that comes with the process.
"This investment would be about $2.4 million for manufacturing, logistics and information technology equipment," said Macklin. "It is about $3.6 million for real estate and improvements.
"That is a little over $6 million investment for this community; that is powerful commitment from Mid-America for Berne and Adams County," said Macklin.
"I would like to thank you," said Habegger-Fox to the council and mayor. "It's good to give back to my home community and bring jobs back."
Habegger-Fox said that the job opportunities would involve skilled welding jobs. In addition to the involvement of Habbeger-Fox, Amy Tumbleson will serve as the company's human resource manager.
Macklin said that company officials hope to work with job skills classes in local schools to help train the type of workers necessary.


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