New playground equipment, Harvest Festival, lead park success

Authored by Jim Langham on Dec 13, 2013

When Berne City Councilman Ron Dull reviewed the successes of 2013 Lehman Park accomplishments, the installation of the new playground equipment was lauded as one of the most popular events of the past 12 months.
“There was a lot of work and planning that went into this,” Dull said. “When it was finally there, enthusiasm had grown all over town for this.”
Ribbon cutting occurred in mid-May and was led by Amanda Patterson, who headed up the drive for new equipment at Lehman Park.
The Sunday following the cutting, Dull recalled that hundreds of children enjoyed the weather and new equipment.”
Later in the year, a bad weather day turned out nice and ensured a great turnout for this year’s harvest festival. Record vendors and fans gave generously to raise funding for this year’s event.
Other improvements, said Dull, included painting the dugouts and storage sheds at the girls’ softball diamond, painting the new fence where the old concession stand had once stood, spraying weeds in the park, installing a new six-foot fence and installation of the yellow field tile at the softball diamond.
“There were so many more things completed that can’t be listed here,” said Dull. “People in this community really chipped in to make this possible.”
Other key projects for the past year included: addressing drainage uses at the park, pursuit of additional park equipment, pursuing additional park equipment fund raising, and development of a new sand volleyball court.


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