Park festival proves to be best ever

Authored by Jim Langham on Oct 8, 2012

In spite of wet grounds and chilly temperatures, the fall sun came out just in time to invite visitors to the third annual Lehman Park Harvest Festival at the local facility on Saturday afternoon.
To make things better, it was the best year in financial income. According to Amy Orr, who spearheaded the festival once again, at least $6,500 was generated toward the festival income. Once again, money will go toward upkeep of the park equipment and grounds.
"The cool weather may have kept some from attending, but this, our third, was the best so far in terms of fund proceeds raised," said Orr.
"Thanks so much to all who participated in any way," added Orr.
Once again, Joni Cripe, from North Manchester, brought her petting zoo to the festival. Cripe said that she enjoys coming to the Berne community with her array of small animals for children to pet.
"I love the town of Berne," said Cripe. "This is really nice. It's a little chilly. I always have a great time in Berne. I love the new clock tower."
Several children enjoyed making worry dolls, designed to keep them from being afraid at bedtime.
"When you go to sleep, if you have a worry, you just tell your worries to your doll," commented Abby Gilson.
"I'm going to play with it in my doll house, Love Family Dollhouse. It takes your worries away," commented Julia Arnold.
Judy Rigby, who was helping children construct worry dolls said the good thing about the craft is that they can make it however they want. There is no right or wrong way of making the doll.
Alexa Kinsey said that Saturday wasn't the only time she has come to the park. She noted that she comes to the park often with her family.
Alexa's mother, Linney Kinsey, said that she grew up coming to the park and she is thankful to pass the same enjoyment on to her family.
"I grew up coming to this park; I used to go to baseball games, I loved the witches hat, it is everybody's favorite," said Kinsey. "I love spending time here with the children. There is no money involved, the girls get their exercise. When we run into people from out of town, they talk about the memories they had here."
Bill Gilson, who also lives close to the park, said that he likes to bring his kids to the park to burn off energy.
"I've been coming here ever since I was a young boy. It hasn't changed much," Gilson said.
Sophia Wanner admitted that each time she visits the local facility, it brings more memories than she could begin to describe without the visit.
"I played here in ballgames; after the games, we played on the equipment," commented Wanner. "I lived several blocks away, but we would ride our bikes down here to play."
"I always like seeing the Amish enjoy the park," observed Rodney Rigby. "They donated a lot of the pies. The Amish really like the park. This is a great time to raise funds for the park."
Ron Dull, who heads up the park committee as a representative from the City Council, said he was relieved when he saw the sun come out early in the afternoon. Dull said that he was pleased with the way the people were supporting this year's event.
"We are really thankful for the support of the Amish community," said Dull. "They said that they utilize the park and feel that they should do their part to support it.
"With each year it gets better," Dull said. "It was a little soggy this morning, but it turned out to be a good day. We're looking for this to continue to grow each year."

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