Quick action by Berne VFD spares home

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 2, 2014

Quick action by the Berne Volunteer Fire Department saved major damage from occurring at a home owned by Eventt Norris last evening.
Berne Fire Chief John Crider said that firemen arrived the residence, located near the new Smith Brothers Furniture addition, to find a fire in the attic and parts of the attic ceiling.
"This was an electrical fire," said Crider. "We had it under control in 15 minutes."
Crider said that there was some damage to a couple of upstair rooms and also to the roof where firemen were forced to break through to attack the blaze.
"There were a couple of holes we had to cut in the roof to get to the fire," said Crider.
In addition to 25 firefighters from Berne, there were three Preble firemen who brought cascade unit assistance to the scene and firemen from Geneva that were on standby in case the Berne department needed assistance.
No one was injured on the scene but one firefighter initially suffered heat exhaustion.
"He is doing all right today," said Crider.
The house is currently vacant. Crider said that firefighters were on the scene for about two hours.
"We finally left the scene of the fire around 10:30 p.m.," said Crider.
The local department has been making several improvements to its status including receiving permission from the Berne City Council at the last meeting to order a new fire truck, a vehicle that Crider said will be the number one truck that will be making appearances at all fires. The truck will add major water capacity when the department goes to fires and will especially be helpful in rural fires.


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