Restored covered bridge could lead to birth of festival

Authored by Jim Langham on Jan 11, 2013

Steve Krull, superintendent of the Adams County Parks and Recreation Department, has been talking with Geneva Chamber of Commerce director Pam Krause recently about the possibility of establishing a Ceylon Covered Bridge Festival to draw attention to the history of the only covered bridge left across the Wabash River.
That, in turn, says Krause, could attract more tourism and business to the local area.
“Nothing is written in stone, but we’re thinking along the possible date of Sept. 14,” said Krull. “We hope to build on that and expand from there. The area is so rich in possibilities for a festival that could eventually include the Limberlost Marsh, Limberlost State Historic Site and all of the trails in the area.
“Right now the question is, ‘what can we do with such a festival that will attract the people, but without having to spend a lot of money doing so,’” continued Krull.
On the other hand, Krull said that he is very excited about the potential of the festival because this is the first year since he has been in the superintendent’s office that there has been some money available for park improvements.
“We would like to fix up the entry ways to the bridge and make them really nice and attractive,” said Krull. “We would like to develop a trail from the bridge, possibly a circular trail, that would extend to the Snow Cemetery and back.”
Krause said that there could be a tie-in somehow to the Swiss Heritage Village Festival that will be held the previous weekend (Sept. 7). Initially, said Krause, she would like to see an arts and crafts show featuring local crafters. In addition, Krause said, an array of food vendors, as many local as possible, could make the event more attractive.
Krull said he would like to coordinate the event with Limberlost State Historic Site director Randy Lehman and possibly sponsor an artist painting contest with artists being invited to set up sites around the Limberlost Park and along the trails.
“We welcome contributions and ideas from area residents as to how we can make such an event successful,” said Krull. “Obviously, everything we do is going to have to be low budget.”
“This would be a great way to get people out here,” said Krause, who noted that there would also be an annual “Dinner on the Bridge” activity this July 13.


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