SA moves forward with migrant education expansion

Authored by Manda Arnold on Nov 13, 2013

The South Adams School Board moved forward with plans for both the Migrant Education Regional Resource Center and with the Migrant Education Mobile Learning Center on Tuesday evening.
The Migrant Education Mobile Learning Center arrived at South Adams on Tuesday, November 12, and school board members as well as other attendees of the South Adams School Board meeting were invited to walk through it and see what the unit looked like. The Mobile Learning Center cost $26,000 and was paid for through the migrant grant. Migrant students who are still in the area were also able to visit South Adams and walk through their new learning center.
The South Adams School Board approved the lease agreement for the Migrant Education Regional Resource Center. They will be located at Bob Biberstein’s former law office in Berne. Monthly rent will be $1,200 plus utilities. Money spent on the office will be reimbursed to South Adams from the migrant grant, so it will be cost neutral.
The board also approved some of the personnel that will be working at the resource center. They approved Susie Amstutz as director of the Migrant Education Regional Resource Office and Julie Baumer as assistant director of the Migrant Education Regional Resource Office. They will both still be considered as full-time employees of South Adams. They will be splitting their time – spending half of their day at the Migrant Office and half of their day teaching in their classrooms at South Adams. Amstutz works with the Title III (ESL) program at South Adams, and Baumer works as a Title 1 kindergarten teacher.
Also approved by the board was Lori Rhoades as administrative assistant. She will be working 19 hours a week at the Migrant Office. She has been working in the cafeteria as a substitute cashier/office worker since 1999 but will no longer continue to work in the cafeteria.
In other personnel news, Pete Rupp has resigned as girls head soccer coach and Patti Johnston as girls’ assistant soccer coach. Monica Smith was approved as a 19-hour Title I aide, and Josh Roby was hired as boys’ freshman basketball coach. The board also approved the unpaid leave requested by Kathi Drake. She will be gone from November 6 until January 6.
Positions that remain open at the school are a half-time elementary school Title I teacher to replace Baumer and either a half-time middle school Title I teacher to replace Amstutz or various numbers of Title I aides. High school principal Trent Lehman is also still taking applications and interviewing for the part-time Fire and Rescue CTE teacher for 2014-2015.


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