SA music department receives $3,510 through car promotion

Authored by Jim Langham on Oct 17, 2012

As a result of a promotion sponsored by Moser Motor Sales, the music department has an extra $3,510 to use toward needs at South Adams High School.
Jim Eicher, representing Moser Motor Sales, said that as a result of cars driven through his company earlier this fall, the check could be presented to South Adams principal Trent Lehman and music department chairman Curt Amstutz.
“We really are grateful to Jim (Eicher) and the people at Moser Motors for partnering in this,” said Amstutz. “This only backs up the company’s outstanding reputation of being a good neighbor to the entire community.”
The fundraiser was held in the north parking lot at the high school and featured presentations by all of the music groups in the school, including the high school and grade school choirs. In addition to Amstutz, the high school choir is directed by Jennifer Thomson and the grade school choir is directed by Karen Moser.
Eicher said that the effort was part of a national promotion designated as, “Drive One for Your School.” The money was raised through doing test drives on company vehicles. Each time a car was test driven, another $20 was donated to the music department.
“Ford does less commercials on national TV so that it can put the money that would have been used in advertising into grass roots,” observed Eicher. “They (Ford) said that most schools our size typically have 60-120 drivers in such an event. They were totally amazed at the support that we had.”
Eicher said that there were officially 170 test drives, but counting family members and friends that showed up for the event, there were hundreds people who attended over the Saturday event. Much of the support for refreshments and promotions came from Ford Motor Co.
“It really turned out nice,” said Eicher. “We would like to thank everyone that took the time to come out on a busy Saturday afternoon and support the kids. They are the real winners in this.
“We got the customers in our products and we had a chance to shake hands with them,” continued Eicher. “The money ended up going for something worthwhile. Ford praised our town for its outstanding parental support of the school and the community.”
Amstutz said that funds raised through the event would go to the purchase of instruments and music for choir and band, plus guest speakers that would be assisting with music programs from time to time.
“Give a lot of credit to the music booster officers,” continued Amstutz. “They did a great job of organizing the event and supplying volunteers to take care of the food and to check drivers.
“Jim and his staff did a wonderful job; the vehicles showed up clean and neat, very personable,” commented Amstutz.


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