Sale of Camryn Industries could be a good thing, says mayor

Authored by Jim Langham on Oct 1, 2010

Berne Mayor John Minch confirmed on Thursday that Camryn Industries, located at 917 Liechty Road in Berne, is up for sale and that there are potential buyers that are interested.
“It’s awfully early in the game,” said Minch. “There are potential buyers. As far as we know, it would still be Camryn Industries. It would go to investors who would purchase it. It is such a complex issue.”
Minch said that to his knowledge, the sale, if it occurs, would be a positive action for the company and the town of Berne.
“The potential sale will be a positive thing,” said Minch. “It could be a positive thing for both the workers and the city. We’re looking for this to be a good thing for the industry of our community.”
Local company officials chose not to comment, but deferred to company spokesman Andrea Jones, at Comer Holdings, LLC in Southfield, Michigan, for comments.
Jones then said that company officials had told her they were not ready to comment on the matter at this time, and were taking a, “no comment,” status on the issue.
Last March when company officials applied for a tax abatement from city officials, spokesman Diane Knapke reported at the time that there were 250 employees and estimated that the company would do a possible $22 million worth of sales this year. At that time, the company had hired 12 people back from earlier layoffs.
“One of the reasons for the success of this company has been the large diversity of products that they offer,” said Minch.
Minch noted the beginnings of the company were originally part of Sheller-Globe Co. He said that former athlete Dave Bing and his company, Bing-Lear, then bought out the company and it was referred to as, “Integrated Manufacturing.” It was then later named, “Camryn Industries.”
“I had a tour of this company with the Chamber of Commerce a few years ago and was really impressed with their diversity of products at that time,” said Minch. “Through all of the time when the auto industry went down, they still had something to offer. They made parts for any auto in the industry. They had the machinery to do that.”
Camryn Industries facilities offer assembly, sub assembly, injection mold and manufacturing services focusing on painted and non painted plastics and injection molded parts.
“We’re watching this closely. We believe that this could be a very good thing for our industrial sector, if it materializes,” said Minch. “Information will become more clear as steps in this process continue to reveal themselves.”


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