Schwartz honored as academic inductee of year

Authored by Jim Langham on May 19, 2014

Forty South Adams High School scholars, 10 in each high school class, received academic recognition at the school's annual Academic Awards Breakfast on Friday morning.
In addition, South Adams graduate, Dr. Herb Schwartz, Ph.D., was inducted in the school's Academic Wall of Fame.
Freshmen who were honored include Audrey Burson, Michael Gallagher, Jared Grabau, Ashton Klopp, Brette Klopp, Sophia Myers, Jacob Rife, Kara Seffernick, Marcus Teeter and Kandra Tubbs.
Those sophomores who were honored are Daniel Burson, Jaci Gorrell, Katelin Hawbaker, Saedie Hawbaker, Meagan Imel, Riley Liechty, Cole Myers, Edita Veseli, Megan Wynn and Rebecca Zerby.
For the 11th grade, honorees included Ellerie Baer, Sharon Balsiger, Cady Farlow, Aleesha Goodwin, Brad Green, Alaina Johnston, Lauren Smith, Logan Stoner, Derek Wanner and Sydne Zuber.
Seniors who received awards were Alyssa Bluhm, Shelby Mellencamp, Erika Miller, Chelsea Moore, Brandy Rogers, Shiana Scott, Allison Sprunger, Samantha Sprunger, Hannah Taing and Sydney Tumbleson.
Schwartz is a brother to Jim Schwartz, Myron Schwartz and Joe Schwartz and is the son of the late Joe H. and Frances Schwartz of Berne.
He was a 1982 South Adams High School graduate with extracurricular involvement in band, choir, orchestra and drama club. Following high school, he attended Purdue University where he graduated summa cum laude in 1986 with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. He then graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a master of science degree and Ph.D. in bio-mechanical engineering.
High school principal Trent Lehman noted that Schwartz is founder, president and chief executive officer of Schwartz Biomedical, LLC, a tissue engineering company he founded in 2004; BioAvascular Solutions, LLC, as soft tissue repair company founded in 2005; and BioPoly LLC, an orthopedic device company founded in 2006.
Although the heart of the company is located in Fort Wayne, the current focus of his companies are in Europe and Asia, where he is presenting marketing and selling his innovative orthopedic implants with plans to obtain FDA approval of his implants in the near future.
"Be intelligent, a part of the equation," said Schwartz to those attending the breakfast. "Get your foot in the door; get headed in the right direction.
"It is essential to work hard," continued Schwartz. "The problem with being smart is the temptation to get lazy. Find something challenging. Work on your character; get a good work ethic."
Schwartz encouraged students to get a summer job, to do all that they can to get going.
"Do what you want, don't chase money," stressed Schwartz. "Keep proper balance between career, family, God and friends.
"Don't let others tell you what you can't do," added Schwartz.


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