Selling our products is key to economic success, says Daniels

Authored by Jim Langham on Aug 5, 2011

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels met with area entrepreneurs on Thursday afternoon to formally launch "DreamHaven," an innovative program designed to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to convert new business concepts into reality. Daniels' speech was designed to address why entrepreneurship is vital to the future of rural economies and how "DreamHaven" will step up to help.
"DreamHaven" was created by a grassroots league of local volunteers and was spun out of the Jay County 20/20 Vision initiative to support local business people as they take courageous steps toward converting new business concepts into reality. "DreamHaven" was formed to help new entrepreneurs built on local strengths such as several nationally lauded startup companies in technology, entertainment and manufacturing.
"This is a time when we better be able to sell our products," Daniels said to a packed house at the learning center. "It's important that we deliver more value per dollar; we need to go to the kind of places who have taken our dollars and work to bring them back to put somebody to work.
"We need to get the dollars America sent over there (China) and bring them back to put Hoosiers to work," Daniels said. "We will not be successful until we get a place that grows on its own. We need people who are job makers, not job takers. We need to become an Indiana that sells."
Chris Fennig, who is heading up the "DreamHaven" push said that one of the essentials to business success in the area is faster broadband service. He noted that efforts are being made to connect faster broadband service to surrounding communities.
"What is it you can do that makes sure the next job comes here," said Fennig. "We need to offer jobs that pay better than average and then raise wages from there. As that process takes place, it gets easier. We want to build the best business climate possible."
"We have long taken an innovative and diversified approach to developing our community," said Portland Mayor Bruce Hosier. "We are pleased that these efforts have been recognized at the state level and that Governor Daniels has chosen to celebrate this new initiative with us."
"Our energy strategy is to maximize home-grown Hoosier energy," said Daniels. "We have the potential of more BTU's of coal alone in the Illinois Basin of southern Indiana than Saudi Arabia has oil.
"Let's pay Hoosiers to mine it and move to make it into electricity," continued Daniels. "Ethanol is very much a part of all of this. Every time you buy a gallon of ethanol, it is a gallon that didn't bring money from Venezuela or some other place."
"DreamHaven" is coordinating five evening boot camp seminars designed to educate, motivate and equip business people to realize the dream of starting a new business. These seminars are designed to teach budding business leaders how to articulate a unique value proposition, analyze market opportunities, document assumptions and acquire the resources they need to convert business concept reality.
"We want you to make all of the money you can. Go make money; we want you to succeed. Pretty soon you will go hire somebody," said Daniels.
Those interested in the "DreamHaven" concept can call Chris Fennig at 260-693-7671 or go to


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