Sheriff makes important safety information available to county families

Authored by Jim Langham on Nov 26, 2012

Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg saw information he felt would be important to the safety of family members so he tapped businesses throughout the county to raise financial support to publish and distribute the material.
Three informational magazines, Let’s All Work to Fight Drug Abuse; Your Life, Your World, Safe and Secure; and Your Life, Your Choices, Right or Wrong have been distributed to area schools and organizations to be made available to county families, especially those with students in school.
“Substance abuse is not unique to any one ethical, social or age group,” said Rekeweg. “Experience tells us this problem cannot be solved by law enforcement action alone, but takes the active support and resources of the entire community.
“The law is a deterrent, but education is our best protection,” continued Rekeweg. “This publication clearly illustrates the link between substance abuse, substance dependency and ultimately, substance death. Also included is helpful information on drug proofing your children and recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse. Please take the time to read and share this information because it is truly life saving.”
Rekeweg said that he has made all three booklets available to Bellmont, Adams Central and South Adams high schools. He has also made information available through the Substance Abuse Awareness Council and has the publications at the Adams County Sheriff Department.
Fight Drug Abuse, said Rekeweg, deals with such topics as straight talk to parents, meth, anabolic steroids, tobacco, marijuana, K2 and salvia, alcohol, driving under the influence, designer drugs, ecstasy, depressants, inhalants, narcotics, stimulants and hallucinogens.
The Sheriff noted that Safe and Secure covers such topics as what is considered personal information, types of identity theft, protecting your identity, 13 common sense steps to protect your identity, ATM and bank safety, taking back your identity, street cons, investment fraud and employment scams.
Rekeweg said the safety instruction also covers such areas as cyber crime, monetary crimes and the Internet, social networking, romance scams, protecting your child online, preventing physical attack, protecting your home, protecting your vehicle and neighborhood watch groups.
Areas that are covered in Life Choices include peer pressure, bullying, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, medications and illegal drugs and Internet safety.
“This information is targeted for parents as well as students,” emphasized Rekeweg. “It’s important for parents to be better informed about these areas of their kids’ lives. I am so grateful for all of the business support we had in this. It’s important to know that these businesses invested in this information because they feel that it is important for our families and students to know.
“If you are a student, teacher, parent or member of an organization and would like more information or need assistance in any way, please give us a call,” said Rekeweg. “Only through a combined effort can we expect to have success and protect our most precious resources, our children, for the future of our community.”
For more information, contact the Adams County Sheriff Department at 260-724-5345.


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