Smith Brothers accumulates over $28,000 toward United Way

Authored by Jim Langham on Nov 8, 2013

Last year, Smith Brothers workers generated a little over $5,000 for the county’s United Wayne campaign. This year, says company president Steve Lehman, the company has been blessed in abundance with work orders and plenty of overtime for employees.
With a sense of gratitude for those opportunities, plus the leadership of director of human resources director, Mike Bonin, Smith Brothers employees donated generously with enthusiasm to a company total gift exceeding $28,000, one of the largest, if not the largest donation, in Adams County.
United Way Director James Compton said that the Smith Brothers gift was a real shot in the arm to the United Way officials as well as the entire project. He noted that United Way officials are still waiting for the final total from Adams Memorial Hospital, last year’s leader. He said, however, that there is no doubt that Smith Brothers will be near the top in county giving.
“We are so grateful to the employees of Smith Brothers for their generosity,” said Compton. “It is a testimony to their spirit of generosity as well as that of all of the leaders in the Smith Brothers organization.”
Bonin noted that he had once been involved with the United Way and its effective campaign strategies. He took the campaign to employees and formed 12 teams of at least 20 people as small groups. Then he asked those in groups to review individuals they knew who had benefitted from United Way assistance and discuss that generosity.
“We talked to all of our employees and we set an employee goal of $18,000,” said Bonin. “Company officials said they would match each dollar generated by employees with a 50 cents matching gift to the final total.”
The end result was a total of over $19,000 by employees. That, coupled with the matching gift from the company added up to over $28,000 donation.
Bonin said that company officials respected those who couldn’t give for one reason or another or who gave special donations through their churches or other charities.
In addition to himself, Bonin also praised the efforts of Gina Brewster and Jay Hunter who gave tireless energy to the project.
In order to give incentive, company officials divided donations into certain pools such as $125 pool and $250 pool. Those who fit into those pools would be eligible for certain door prizes to honor their giving.
“This is certainly a testimony to the quality and generosity of workers that we have at Smith Brothers,” said Bonin. “They are very generous people. They’ve helped an employee with cancer, a family that suffered the loss of a miscarriage and various other special needs situations that have arisen in the lives of fellow workers.”
Bonin said that out of 370 current employees, two-thirds of the work force opted to support the United Way cause.
“We are a really a blessed place to work,” said Bonin. “People here want to give. United Way does a lot of good things; that’s why we invested in this.”


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