South Adams celebrates graduates of 2014

Authored by Manda Arnold on Jun 2, 2014

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guys who’ll decide where to go! –Dr. Seuss
The class motto for the South Adams Class of 2014 was just the starting point for encouraging the next generation going out into the world that they control their destiny. As the South Adams community gathered on Sunday afternoon to witness the 2014 seniors capping off their high school careers, the seniors were encouraged by their leaders and their peers to continue learning, to enjoy life, and to always remember that their potential is limitless.
Superintendent Scott Litwiller started off the event by thanking the South Adams School Board, the teachers, and the parents.
“You are your child’s first and foremost teachers, and you’ve been a tremendous encouragement and support to today’s graduates,” stated Litwiller.
With 100 seniors graduating, Principal Trent Lehman had many successful stories to share – the continued success of the FFA program, the cross country team making it to state, a contender in track at the state level, the football team becoming sectional champions, multiple gold medals and all-state recognition within the music program, the continued excellence of the Dots in Blue Water program, and the Skills USA and auto trades program placing at state and competing nationally. The South Adams Class of 2014 proved to be one of excellence and ability.
Valedictorian Erika Miller and salutatorian Allison Sprunger gave a humorous and memorable speech recalling many good and bad times throughout their school career. While Miller was ever the dramatic, reminding all of the seniors about “the past 13 glorious years”, Sprunger was quick to remind them about some of the more embarrassing and not so glorious moments from pranks during science class to winning spelling bees in middle school to embarrassing moments while under hypnosis to the grandeur of senior prom. The duo concluded their speech by sharing that life doesn’t always make sense and it isn’t always going to be easy. They also encouraged their fellow graduates to find a balance in life between the fun moments and the serious moments and that learning to laugh at yourself through the good and the bad will make it all worthwhile.
Class officers were Christian Inniger, Michaela Rupp, Madison Kloepper, and Hannah Taing. The class flower was the Forget Me Not, and the class colors were gold, black, and white.


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