South Adams facility upgrades discussed

Authored by Manda Arnold on Jun 14, 2013

The South Adams School Board heard a report given by superintendent Scott Litwiller during Tuesday evening’s school board meeting concerning future plans for the facility upgrades.
Short-term goals include continuing with roof repairs for the next three years, renumbering all of the entrances per a recommendation by the Indiana State Police, and repairing the track, which is showing wear and has several cracks. According to Litwiller, repairing the track will be less expensive the sooner it is done.
Long-term goals include expanding the bus garage, expanding machine trades shop and wash bay area, and updating and repairing the science shop area.
Litwiller also pointed out that in 2018, the school will make their last Energy Savings payment, which will save them $250,000 in 2018 and $500,000 a year beginning in 2019. This money can then be used for capital fund projects. The school will also be able to refinance the bond on the new building in 2018-2019.
School board member Amy Orr suggested making the public aware of the facility updates the school is looking to make to see if any persons or businesses would want to donate funds, especially for the sporting upgrades.
Another report given by Litwiller was on the benefits of teacher collaboration time, which was started this past school year. Teachers met at 3:15 p.m. every Thursday for a meaning and beneficial collaboration time. The main goal was to discuss curriculum and instruction, which should eventually lead to greater student achievement.
One hundred teachers were sent a survey and 59 responded. On a scale of 1 to 10, the teachers rated the success of the new program as a 5.2, which is partially successful and the beneficial rate as a 5.1.
“Overall, we have a good start, but there is room for improvement in this effort,” stated Litwiller.
The types of collaboration that were most successful were the monthly building staff meeting, grade level department choice, and the tech fair. The least successful programs were the bullying prevention, net tracker - an online curriculum resource, and test security training, which is mandatory.
Litwiller noted that of the sessions that were the least successful, they were all one-time sessions. There was no ongoing development of these sessions for teachers. Title 1 director Michelle Clouser also found it interesting that the least successful sessions were the ones that were outside people coming into the school.
In personnel news, the board approved three resignations, Julie Baumer as assistant high school track coach, Luke McClung as assistant high school boys’ basketball coach, and Ryan Thomas as assistant high school boys’ soccer coach and high school junior varsity boys’ basketball coach.
Employments that were approved by the board were Kyle Glidewell as an aide assigned mainly to the middle school/high school intense intervention room; Laura Dailey as an aide assigned mainly to the elementary school intense intervention room; and Andrew Steffen as a 19-hour per week tech intern.
Summer positions that were approved were Lois Bailey, Andy Sommer, and Sandy Sprunger as elementary Jump Start Remediation from July 15 through August 2; Susie Amstutz and Josh Hendrixson as middle school Jump Start Remediation from July 15 through August 2; Lonnie Teeple as Wilson Reading; Curt Amstutz and Margie Dobler as Summer Band; Myron Schwartz as Summer Driver’s Ed, if enough students sign up for the class; and Susie Amstutz and Judy Rigby as a teacher and aide respectively for Migrant Fall Extension, if needed.
Finally, the board approved the 2013 fall coaches. They are football head varsity coach Rick Burkhalter, assistant coach Mike Stimpson, assistant coach Rod Mosser, assistant junior varsity coach Jeff Lehman, assistant freshman coach Grant Moser, volunteer assistant Lack Taing, and volunteer assistant Toby Sprunger; volleyball head varsity coach Amie Sprunger, varsity assistant Morgan Mitchel, volunteer assistant Tori Bluhm, and volunteer assistant Jaime Beitler; boys soccer head varsity coach Luke McClung; girls soccer head varsity coach Pete Rupp; boys tennis head varsity coach Cindy Greer and assistant coach Greg Miller; girls golf head varsity coach Seth Sprunger and volunteer assistant Kevin McClung; cheer head varsity coach Kristen Brown and assistant coach Lacey Zielinski; cross country head varsity coach Clint Anderson and assistant 6-12 Danette Von Gunten; middle school football head coach Doug Beall; middle school volleyball 8th grade coach Ashley Buckingham and 7th grade coach Paul Yoder; and middle school cheer coach Sarah Ellenberger.
Positions that still need to be filled are volleyball freshman assistant; boys soccer assistant coach-junior varsity; cross country assistant 6-12; and two middle school assistant football coaches.


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