South Adams Senior board appoints new administrative team

Authored by Jim Langham on Feb 21, 2014

The South Adams Senior Center board has appointed an administrative team to replace the late Kathy Bauman, who passed away recently. The team consists of Anita Miller, facility director and Jacquelyn Morris-Ingle, assistant facility director.
Miller explained that there had been a time when there was a similar arrangement, but when Myrna Bauman resigned after a longstanding relationship with the center, Kathy Bauman took over without an assistant director.
Following Kathy Bauman’s unexpected passing, Myrna Bauman filled in for the past couple of months, but discovered many unanswered questions with her predecessor’s passing.
“If something major happens again, the board didn’t want to be in the same position they were in this time,” said Miller. “They wanted a backup. This way if something happens, the assistant director can continue the flow of organization until other arrangements can be made. An administrative flow can go on.”
Miller said that she had ultimate respect for Kathy Bauman, not only because of her leadership success, but because the late Bauman was also a relative that she loved.
“I really looked up to Kathy,” said Miller. “I thought she did a wonderful job with the facility. I feel very honored to be in this position.”
Morris-Ingle said that the two administrators have been collaborating concerning new programs and certain changes they feel are necessary in order to continue to direct the center.
“One thing we want to do is change the concept of the senior center,” said Morris-Ingle. “We want to change the impression out there that the center only caters to the elderly community. We want to change the perception to the fact that we are there for the entire community, not just a certain age group. We want the public to know that we are open to the community for community events.”
Morris-Ingle said that she owned a travel agency in Decatur for 23 years. One of her areas of expertise has been event planning. She noted that Miller and she are already looking at some possible different types of events.
Miller said that it is the hope that a younger clientele will also support the work of the senior center and participate in its activities.
“We are collaborating a lot of ideas,” observed Miller. “We are both excited about it. We are getting a lot of good ideas. We are hoping to develop some programs where we can utilize talent and entertainment from within the center.”
The administrative team noted that future goals include the possibility of art classes and wellness classes.
“We are looking at areas that would be educational and helpful for the seniors,” said Miller.
Miller had been involved in sales and teaching, with her most recent effort of teaching a marketing class in the North Adams school system. Most recently she has been involved with developing a very successful jewelry business.
In addition to running her own travel agency, Morris-Ingle had been a substitute teacher at South Adams.
“This is something I enjoy doing,” said Morris-Ingle. “With my planning background, I feel that I can help that aspect of the work. I love people and being with people. I am really looking forward to this.”


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