Sprunger's heart touched by saving the lives of high-risk babies

Authored by Jim Langham on Sep 29, 2010

The more Katie Sprunger tries to picture what 48 empty chairs would look like, the more she is moved by the fact that there are actually children in them.
Sprunger speaks with pride these days when she notes that since 2006, 48 babies that were at risk for abortion were saved through the efforts of the clinic.
Earlier this month, at the clinic’s annual banquets, Sprunger had a poignant way of illustrating the point to those who were in attendance.
“There were large crowds at banquets in Decatur and Berne,” said Sprunger. “A lot of them were very prominent people. I said to each crowd, ‘suppose that 48 of you wouldn’t be here. That’s what could have happened if we hadn’t saved these babies.
“The heart and focus of our ministry (clinic) is saving at risk babies,” continued Sprunger. “The hope of all of this is what gives those of us in the ministry the strength to get by every day.”
Sprunger cited the example of the teenage mother that came in to the clinic looking for help for items needed for her child. By watching educational videos, the young mother was able to earn enough “baby bucks” to secure a crib, toys, and other items that she could use from the selection of baby items made available.
“Christ didn’t just meet people’s spiritual or physical needs. He took care of the total person,” said Sprunger who took over at the helm of the ministry earlier in the year. “We believe that Christ looked at people for their total needs.”
Sprunger said that she is so amazed at the way God matches workers with those who have specific needs that they can connect with. She praised her staff and volunteers for their dedication and commitment to their calling.
“Some mothers come in with specific needs. It never ceases to amaze me how the right volunteer is there that day to deal with those specific needs,” said Sprunger. “It’s just amazing how God understands the way to orchestrate the whole situation. Someone comes in that had a miscarriage and the volunteer happens to be there who might have also had a miscarriage.
“It is so awesome to know that you are coming to work every day to be with such godly women,” Sprunger emphasized. “These co-workers and volunteers are such amazing women. It is great the way they interact with God’s Word. When clients come in they are treated so nice and so well. We want them to see the face of God through us that day.”
Sprunger cited the example of two volunteers, Melanie Beer and Kris Dohrman, who put on a Christmas Extravaganza each year for the ladies at Hope Clinic and the Adams-Wells Crisis Shelter.
“They even bring items for the mothers to pick out for their children,” said Sprunger. “It gives mothers a chance of feeling empowered, of saying, ‘I can do this.’”
Sprunger noted that beginning Oct. 12, there would be training sessions for volunteers. She noted that those interested in becoming a volunteer call 260-589-3561 on Tuesdays and Thursdays or 260-728-4191 on Mondays and Wednesdays.
“I learned when I worked for healthy families that people can be so blind in our communities to the hurts of others,” observed Sprunger. “That need could be our next door neighbor. You can’t always tell by the way people look what they might be going through in their lives. How they are dressed or how they look may not tell at all what they are going through.”
Earlier this month, the clinic had its two primary fundraisers for the year, banquets in Decatur and Berne. Sprunger said that the financial goal for each banquet was set at $25,000. Each one collected just over $20,000.
“We are most grateful for the support and generosity of all of those who gave,” said Sprunger. “We are trusting God and we know that He is going to meet all of our needs.”
Those who like to give to support the clinic and fill in the remaining needed amount are encouraged to either call or mail checks to the Hope Clinic, 165 W. Water St., Berne, Ind. 46711.


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