Strauss resigns as SA Elementary principal

Authored by Jim Langham on Oct 5, 2012

According to information provided by South Adams Schools Superintendent Scott Litwiller, South Adams Elementary principal Brian Strauss tendered his resignation on Oct. 3, effective immediately. Litwiller accepted the resignation on behalf of the Board of Education as board policy permits.
"Mr. Strauss informed me that he is under investigation in relation to his previous employment in another county. The investigation does not involve his work for or presence in South Adams Schools," said Litwiller.
Strauss came to the local elementary position in 2010, replacing Litwiller who had resigned from the position in order to take the superintendent's job.
Prior to coming to South Adams, Strauss was employed by South Central Elementary School in Union Mills in LaPorte County. Upon inquiry with the LaPorte prosecutor's office, officials replied that they had "no public comment at this time."
In October, 2009, Strauss was listed as a sixth grade teacher at South Central Elementary. The information also noted that Strauss had 14 years experience at that time and had been employed 100 percent of the time.
"Anyone with any questions or concerns normally affecting the elementary principal should contact Middle School Principal Mr. Rich," said Litwiller.
Litwiller noted that school officials are immediately beginning work on a replacement.


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