Swiss Heritage Village preparing for 2014 season

Authored by Jim Langham on Apr 7, 2014

The sound of hammers and sight of paint brushes can be experienced at Swiss Heritage Village these days as small repairs and other preparations are being made for the opening of this year’s Swiss Heritage Village history season.
The first major project day will occur on April 19 with a grounds-wide work day.
“Many of the board members will be getting together that day to help clean up the grounds and assist with different chores around the village,” commented executive director Debby Neuenschwander. “We can use volunteers that day. We are also grateful for help that we get from the Boy Scouts and school students.”
Neuenschwander said that initial help is needed in cleaning the ground and dusting and cleaning buildings, as well as the museum and gift shop.
“We will officially open on Saturdays in May,” Neuenschwander said. “We really have quite a few things happening in May. We have a wedding reception in the barn as well as an actual wedding. We also have several school groups scheduled.”
The village will open on a daily basis, except Sunday, June 2 through Oct. 31.
This year’s biggest opening outing is the annual Haystack Lunch, will be held on Sunday, June 8, in the barn. The dinner will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on donation basis.
One of the biggest projects to be taking place during spring is the painting of the barn. Those painting the structure will also take care of small items and fixing simple needed repairs.
“This is always a good time to visit and catch up on things. It will really be special this year after the winter that we’ve had,” said Neuenschwander.
Other major activities for this summer include Berne Swiss Days, Truck and Tractor Pull, Heritage Festival, Annual Swiss Heritage Benefit Auction, Kinderlauf, Annual Holiday Bazaar and the Traditional Christmas Eve Service.
“I am excited about the new year,” said Neuenschwander. “I love all of the people, what I learn from them and their perspective on our history background. The total picture is much bigger than me and what I do. I love looking at the people’s faces.
“We have the things that we have planned, but there are also so many surprises each year, people connected to Berne and the Swiss culture that just show up,” continued Neuenschwander.
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