Swiss Village receives rare five-star ratings

Authored by Jim Langham on Dec 2, 2013

Daryl Martin, executive director for Swiss Village, has announced that the local facility has received a five category, five-star rating from CMS, a federal oversight agency that the local nursing care facility is accountable to for compliance issues.
“They keep a rating for every facility in the country,” said Martin. “We received five stars in every category.”
The five categories on which Swiss Village was measured include overall quality, health inspection, quality measures, staffing and RN staffing.
Of 515 facilities in the state, only five others joined Swiss Village for such recognition. They include Healthwin, South Bend; Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame; Hubbard Hill Estates in Elkhart; Miller’s Merry Manor; Hildegard Health Centers, Inc.
“We have thousands of pages of regulatory requirements that we have to keep up with,” said Martin. “For compliance standpoints, we have to know what those mean and how they revolve around the residents.”
Martin said that in relation to residents, quality measures relate to pain, urinary tract infection, catheters, falls, restraint, ulcer pressure, skin problems, how well residents can function on a daily basis and activities they are involved in.
The director noted that the Swiss Village staffing pattern in relation to registered nurses is significantly higher than required and in relation to many other such facilities.
“In our case, 50 percent of nursing staff is RN compared to LPN,” noted Martin.
“Because of our staff patterns compared to the rest of the state, we pay out three-quarters of a million dollars in addition because of the staffing ratio,” said Martin. “The reason why we do this is because of our commitment to the residents. Our awareness of the needs of patients is front and critical in relation to various issues. There is a correlation between the staff patterns and quality of care.”
Martin praised the total commitment of his staff and that of Health Care Services director Linda Arnold and Alma Ahmetovic, Director of Nursing, in particular.
“This is something that all of our staff can be proud of,” said Martin.
“We want the residents to have the best quality care,” said Arnold. “A year and a half ago, we took special training on how to get to this point. We put an effort into this. All staff worked hard.”
“When I took this job, I made it a goal to make it five-star,” said Ahmetovic. “It became our desire and goal to make this a five-star facility.
“Daryl raises our bar high,” continued Ahmetovic. “We value what each team member says when we come to the table. We want everyone to feel as a team member. We started as a team and we work as a team.”


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