Team Berne Night to celebrate community togetherness

Authored by Jim Langham on Jun 13, 2014

Businesses and residents of the Berne area are encouraged to come to the Muensterberg Clock Tower on June 26 to celebrate, promote and encourage support of the local community.
From 6-8 p.m. that night, there will be entertainment and vendors that represent local talent and business interests of the Berne community.
"It will be an opportunity to come together, promote each other and encourage and support each other, whether business or individual," said Skinner.
Chamber t-shirts, Team Berne, are currently on sale at the Chamber office to encourage coming together as a community. Shirts cost $14, and proceeds from the shirts will go towards the installation of new lights in the Chamber office.
Among those who will be supporting the entertainment will be Swiss Heritage Village, Clock Tower, Community Development Corporation, City of Berne and the Limberlost State Historic Site.
"We are going to be celebrating community involvement," said Skinner. "We are going to be one big team working together and helping each other to grow stronger as a community."
Ongoing talent for the evening will include Gabe Bailey, First Mennonite Quartet, Nothing Wrong with Daisy and Bel Canto Studio.
"There is not an 'I” in Chamber nor is there one in 'Team' or ‘Berne,’" said Mark Settlemyre, who is active in the Chamber of Commerce. "It is time to join the 'Team' and buy your Team Berne shirt."
In addition to the program, there will be plenty of local vendors on hand for the evening.
"I am excited about all of the local flavor that has stepped forward for this evening," said Skinner. "We had that tough winter and then some of that chilly, rainy weather this spring. I think that people are more ready than ever to get out and do these types of things."
Skinner noted that there is also a t-shirt contest in progress between manufacturers, retailers and not-for-profit organizations. On each level, a donation will be given to the winner's charity of choice.
"The company that purchases the most t-shirts and wears them to the event will be given the opportunity to chose a charity to receive a $100 donation," said Skinner.
"This is all about the celebration of our community, where we are and where we are going," observed Skinner. "It's an evening designed to recognize our community and what we have to offer.

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