Wynn appointed to replace Ogg

Authored by Bob Adams on Aug 7, 2013

Mark Wynn was appointed by the Adams County Commissioners to become the new head of the Adams County Plan Commission. He will be replacing longtime Plan Commission head Neal Ogg, who is set to retire effective September 1.
Wynn, an Adams County businessman and builder, owns Marquis Builders in Berne
Wynn was told that he couldn’t inspect any project his company is involved with.
Commissioner Doug Bauman said they had 19 applications for the job, and the Commissioners ended up interviewing six “capable and qualified” applicants.
Wynn will train with Ogg this month before assuming the position on September 1.
Ogg gave building permit report for last month. During July, his department issued 26 permits worth a total of $1,257,000. Four of these permits were for single family residences, five for residential additions, nine for unattached buildings, two for additions to businesses, three for agricultural buildings, two pools and one addition to a church. In addition, four electrical and two remodel permits were issued.
There were 20 more permits issued this August over August of 2012. The dollar value was over $600,000.
The Commissioners began the meeting by paying health claims in the amount of $116,598.04.
Auditor Mary Beery had the Commissioners sign a $30,000 bond for Coroner Leslie Cook, and she also gave a report on conditions at the jail. As of Monday, the jail was housing 72 inmates with 14 sleeping on the floor. The jail capacity is listed at 20 inmates.
The Commissioners paid attorney fees of $4,529 for changes in the wind ordinance.
Rhonda Kahlert from the Auditor’s Office said that 16,700 Form 11s had been sent out notifying taxpayers that there had been a change in the assessed value on particular parcels of property. She added that 2,600 parcel owners will not receive the form because the assessed evaluation on those parcels did not change.
County engineer Tim Barkey said that work had finished up on Culvert C-27 on County Road 100 North and that the road reopened. County Road 450 North was expected to open up on Tuesday as work on Culvert C105 was wrapping up.
County maintenance man Dave Meyer said that Dave Wright of Wright Clock Company began putting the clocks on the clock tower at the Courthouse back together, and he should finish up on Wednesday. He added that work had begun on the fountain on the Peace Monument.
County Highway Superintendent Mark Mitchel said that his crews were going to chip and seal Tile Mill Road next Monday and Tuesday.
Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg asked the Commissioners to break the hiring freeze so that he could replace a jailer who had resigned. The Commissioners granted the permission.


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