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Ninety-nine years of working, sailing and enjoying life

Penny McMillan has spent much of her life between Adams County and Mercer and Van Wert counties in Ohio. In addition, she lived for eight years on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico offshore from Mobile, Alabama, a boat constructed by Penny and her husband, Gordon McMillan. McMillan was born in Chattanooga, Ohio but when she was young, her parents’ (William and Minna Andress) home was destroyed by fire. For several years they lived in the country outside of Berne with her grandparents, Jacob and Rosa Baumgartner, parents of her mother. During that time, she attended school in Berne and Linn Grove. However, when the family home was reconstructed, they moved back to Chattanooga, where her father was the owner of the Chat Sawmill. She eventually graduated from Willshire High School. Following high school, she married John Young and they had two daughters, Jeanne (Dubach) and Karen Jo (Cattrell), both which reside in Adams County at this time. She later married Gor... Read More >